One last time...

May 31, 2010

A few posts ago, I wrote about changes that I was going through, and how I wanted to express them in this space, but felt that I couldn't. I was going to continue to blog to a different address.

And then got scared by the change (and well, what if no one wants to read about it?) and told you I changed my mind, I "chickened out" and came back crawling to Purplicious.

With all this back and forth, I did something to the format of my blog that affects when I write new or edit posts. Something unintended and I have no idea what it is. But now when I try write a new post, things are all different and really hard to work with. I'm not a computer genius when it comes to formatting blogs and web pages, therefore, I can't fix it.

So, I took it as a sign: I have to start a new blog after all.

But I had to register a new blog under a whole new profile, as keeping the same profile kept the messed up posting layout for me. (Like I said, I have no idea what I did).

So here it is. You can follow me over at Petals and Sunshine (same name as I had decided before, just a slightly different address. If I already follow your blog and you've noticed the above picture in your followers as "Sunshine Mama", it's me :) Just a new profile.

And don't worry, I'll still post recipes on my new blog. It's just going to have a more creative feel to it, as I am starting to craft a lot more with the kids and making some homemade cleaners and such for our home. It's going to be sort of a Purplelicious Part 2, but a more evolved version of it I suppose.

I hope you continue to follow us on our life journey!

Lots of creative, fun, colorful (and hopefully inspiring) things are waiting for you at my new blog!


Mrs. M on May 31, 2010 at 10:06 PM said...

Thanks sharing your new address.

Anonymous said...

best of luck; sometimes starting fresh is the best thing to do

Anonymous said...

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