Sometimes all you need is a box!

April 27, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I received 2 gigantic boxes. Well, I got the stuff that was in it. But I knew I would have to keep the boxes for my kids. I figured they would play with them for a day or two at the most, but still. A day or two of them being busy playing together without fighting, is so worth it!

Little did I know that they would play with those boxes for over a week straight!

Who says that fun "toys" have to be expensive? Or even cost anything in this case...

They decorated their first box (I forgot to take a picture) with markers, pencils and different crayons. I let them just use whatever they wanted and draw/decorate however they wanted. They loved it! Especially my son, I could tell he found the experience very freeing, as he is not a huge fan of rules compared to other kids.

That first box did not last too long, since my destructive little "bulldozer" did not realize this box was breakable, lol. Good thing we had the second one!

I decided to make it into a submarine, since they had been talking about the ocean in my son's class at preschool. I cut out the windows for them. Two circles on each side and the front window. We kept the cut out circles and they used them as steering wheels, to steer their submarine of course!

They had so much fun playing this game! They even used their binoculars to spot some sea creatures.

They have such great imaginations!


Mrs. M on April 27, 2010 at 9:32 PM said...

Your kiddos would have loved our house today too!
W has been talking about "recycling" a box into a plane and so today we did. A two seater...for both boys to enjoy. I need to take some pics. I've saved the biggest boxes to make a little house for Bup because he loves a little house like no other little boy I know.
Great stuff Stephanie! The joy on your kiddos faces is evident.
Hey! Are you a princess house rep? Those are big boxes!:)

Anonymous said...

I remember playing in boxes myself ;-}
Great, simple, creative and FUN!! I am thinking now of finding a box for my little one...;-D)Lovely, Stephanie♥

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