A Princess birthday party... oh and a frog too!

April 17, 2010

Yesterday, we had my daughter's birthday party. She wanted a Princess and the Frog theme.

Long story short, I stressed over every little detail and wanted to make everything extra pretty. I also wanted to take pictures of the food and setup before everyone got here to show you all because I was pretty proud of how it all looked... and I forgot!

By the time I remembered, there was no food left on the table, guests were gone, and I was left with nothing to show you but some leftover cake crumbs on the table, lol.

Thankfully, I remembered to take some pictures of the actual party.

The girls were dressed in pretty dresses and my son wore his pirate costume. He had asked me before the party if he could wear it since the girls would be dressed up... I figured pirates go well with princesses, so why not? He was so happy to wear it! But I forgot to take a picture of him alone. I had some of him with the other kids, but I don't want to put pictures here of my friends kids without asking... You can always see him in his pirate costume HERE :)

My little princess making good use of her Halloween costume :)

Princess and the Frog table cloth on the kids table with our Ikea tea set (you can tell by the upside down cups that I took the picture after the kids played with it :)

My little princess was very excited about her cake!
You can't really see it, but I put a frog in front of the princess on the cake.

I had "cake anxiety" at 5:30 am the day before the party... that's how much I stressed over it!
I'm SO making cupcakes next time, LOL.

In the end, I stressed for nothing about silly details. The party was a success, the kids had fun, the adults had a great time and I was organized enough that I was able to hang out with my friends (the other moms all are close friends of mine) during the party instead of spending the entire time in the kitchen preparing everything, like I did during my daughter's 1st birthday. So to me, that is a success!


HippieMom on April 17, 2010 at 11:59 AM said...

Hello Sweety ♥
Glad that everyone and you had a good time. Princess look pretty and happy.

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