More smoothies and fruits please!

March 4, 2010

This morning, the coolest thing happened, and I just had to share...

My little boy insisted on having his own green smoothie! Yesterday, he stole a few sips from mine, but this morning, that was not going to be enough. He wanted some in a glass of his own. And then, he came and drank some of mine, lol.

I am now going to make him some every morning, because that's what he requested. That makes for one happy Mama! His little sister still wont even try it, but maybe after a while of seeing the both of us drinking some, she'll want in too.

While my little guy was at preschool this afternoon, I made a quick trip to the store with my little girl for some produce. Though I did a huge grocery a week ago, bought lots of produce and non perishables, we seem to have gone though most of the produce already. That's good though. That means that even the kids are getting back on track like we were last summer.

This is what I came home with today:

Some organic greens, broccoli slaw, bananas, tomato, gluten-free vegan vinaigrette, a mango, asparagus, sweet potato, red and green grapes, lemons, young Thai coconut and blackberries.
When my little guy came home after school, I showed him all the produce I had got. I guess my enthusiasm for produce is catching on quick, because 2 weeks ago, his preferred snack was back to crackers or granola bars. But today, he had fruit for his afternoon snack. And not just one kind, but 3. Because that's what he wanted :)

How can you resist that cute face? You don't. You just give him what he wants, especially if what he wants is healthy food!


Anonymous said...

This is so great! I understand your joy ☺ My middle boy is not into fruits ;-(

Fantastic food shopping you got!

When I eat enough sweet fruits I never crave sweet treats and my body is happier.

Sheri (Green and Crunchy) on March 5, 2010 at 11:33 PM said...

Such a great afternoon snack! It's a bowlful of color :) Glad everyone is getting back on track -- that's a beautiful grocery trip you did. And your son's sweet little smile is melting my heart! I wouldn't be able to say 'no' to him either :)

Stephanie on March 8, 2010 at 10:17 PM said...

HippieMom, your right about the cravings! I'm seeing a BIG difference in the past couple weeks :)

Sheri, everyone has been eating so well, I'm so glad we got our healthy groove back! Part of it is thanks to your inspiration :)

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