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March 2, 2010

Good morning all,

It just occured to me that I've talked about my kids being sick and having ear infections, but never updated you on it. Thanks to all those who left comments by the way. It's always nice to know that people care about you :)

My son's ear infection cleared up by the time my daughter got hers. He's feeling great and he's full of energy. My daughter, on the other hand, gave me quite a scare. Though I'm used to ear infections, since my son has a few every year, I've never seen one this bad. What scared me, was when her ears started leaking fluid. Both ears. I was lucky enough to already have a Dr.'s appointment at the same time this happened, but he couldn't tell if she blew her left eardrum, because there was too much puss in her ear for him to see. She could barely hear at all and she was in so much pain. There was a few sleepless nights for both of us, I can tell you that. And though I'm not a fan of "feeding" my kids all kinds of medications, I was not against the round of antibiotics and prescription ear drops my Dr put her on. There are certain things I'm not willing to mess with, and my kids hearing is one of them. Especially if the infection is that bad.

A couple days after the antibiotics, her hearing started getting better and now that it's been a week, it seems to have returned 100%. We do have to go back next week so he can check her ears again, just to make sure she does not have any damage to her eardrums, but I'm optimistic that she's OK now.

While I was in with our family Dr., I talked with him about me potentially having Celiac or being gluten intolerant. I've done my research online, I know what my symptoms are (and there are quite a few), I've gone 5 days gluten free to see what would happen (and it was an AMAZING revelation!)... I know I'm at least intolerant. I know that much. So he had no problem sending me for the blood test to find out if I have Celiac. I should get my results next week, but he advised me to stay off gluten, or at least wheat even if the test comes back negative, because of my little 5 day test results.

What were the results? Well, first of all, my eczema "calmed down". The redness and itchiness stopped for the first time in months. Also, my stomach settled. The bloating went away, I stopped going to the bathroom multiple times a day (if you know what I mean) and I just felt light. Lean, even. I had also dropped 3 pounds before the 5 days was over.

I knew I had to be eating gluten and wheat before my blood test though. It has to be present in your body if you want true results for the blood test. So for the past 3 weeks, I've been eating wheat again.... Yep! I'm at least intolerant. My digestive tract is not liking this one bit! So I will avoid wheat and/or gluten even if the test comes back negative.

I had also talked about being low in iron not too long ago. You can read about that HERE. Since then, I've been religiously drinking daily green smoothies. And on the occasional day that I'm not in the mood for one, I'll have a huge salad with lots of dark leafy greens. Sometimes, I'll even have both a green smoothie and large salad, just for good measure :) I also make sure I eat beans or lentils at least every couple days, since I'm not eating meat right now (except fish. I discovered my body digests fish perfectly well right now. Meat on the other hand... not so much. So I'm OK with having fish from time to time).

I can say that thanks to all that, my "brain fog" has now lifted. I can think more clearly. I can remember things much better. I'm more awake, and a lot less cranky. I even have some bounce in my step! It's amazing how different I feel right now, it's hard to put in words. All I have left to "fix" now, is my digestive issues. So going wheat and/or gluten free is the next step. But I believe that's going to be one heck of a process, as there is gluten and wheat in almost everything. In things I'm sure I don't even know about. It will be challenging, especially since I love baking and eating what I bake. I guess it's a good thing I love learning about nutrition.

So that's our (long) health update for now. I will let you know for sure what my test results are when I get them. But like I said, no matter what the result actually is, I'll have to make more changes. Good thing I'm open to change!

I hope you all have a great week! ~ I know I am, the sun is out and we've been having an early spring here. The sun makes us so HAPPY!


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