Fantasyland Hotel theme room

March 20, 2010

Yes, that's what we were up to last weekend, but I just got around uploading the pics on my computer. I thought I'd share with you, because it was So. Much. Fun.

If your ever in the Edmonton (Ab) area, it's definitely worth trying once! It's not cheap, but it's fun... one of those things you want to do once kind of "treat".

We didn't get our first choice in theme room, as they were almost all booked for that weekend. Our top choice was the Igloo room. But the Western room did not disappoint.

First, when we got on our floor, this is what it looked like:

That's not the room we stayed in. But it's just to show you that all the doors were made to look like horse stalls. Pretty cool, eh?

The main bed, was this huge coach with a pretend driver in the front. You even have steps on each side of the bed to climb in. Oh might I add, that the bed itself was insanely comfortable... probably the most comfortable hotel mattress I've ever slept on. And the best hotel pillows my head ever layed on. I'm not kidding.

View of the end of our bed.

Oh, and we had a jacuzzi in our living room... glad we brought our bathing suits, because all four of us fit in it, no problem.

Needless to say, the kids had a blast!

Notice what it says at the top of the bunk beds?
County Jail

He's a good little actor, isn't he? LOL
I was sick with a sinus infection/head cold when we went, but it was so worth it! The fact that the hotel is attached to the West Edmonton Mall is pretty cool too. When the kids were asleep, my hubby and I each took turns to go shop in the mall. When it was my turn, I went to Jugo Juice (my new fave "fast food place") and enjoyed a Skinny Peach smoothie (my camera had died, so you'll have to use your imagination, or check out their site to see it ;), I got a few things for myself and then found myself wandering around a book store.
I'll show you what I bought at Chapters in another post, because it's worth a post all on it's own :)
So that's what we were up to last weekend.
Have a great Saturday!


Anonymous said...

OMG - That is so cool and fabulous! It looks fantastic and the very idea of being able to wander a shopping mall ALONE while the kids are asleep is just brilliant. My son would just love that place!

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