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January 11, 2010

products from Souris Verte.

Their slogan: The healing herb garden for children.

They are a Canadian company (made in Quebec to be precise) and their ingredient list of each of their product can be found on their website.

I have the eucalyptus massage oil.

(Their decongestant massage oil bottle no longer looks like this according to the picture on their website, as my bottle is older, but the formula remains the same)

My mom gave me this massage oil when I was pregnant with my son, almost 5 years ago, and the bottle is still almost full. A little goes a long way with this product and I can tell you, it's still as potent today, as it was when I first opened the bottle. This particular one, has eucalyptus oil in it, and you rub it on the chest, upper back and under the kids feet. Last week, when both my kids were sick, had a cough and phlegm in their lungs, I'd apply it right after their bath (at bed time) and I swear, when they are sick, they sleep so much better when I use it, because they don't wake up coughing every 5 minutes AND they can actually breathe!

Their echinacea is going to be the next product on my list.

OK, so maybe I should say that I ADORE their product! It's that good! And, it's natural... it doesn't get much better than that!


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