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January 30, 2010

It's no secret I've been in a funk lately. I mentioned in my last post having serious winter blues. But my close friends in everyday life know it's been a funk that's been going on for a while now. Like a few months. But I can honestly say the last couple weeks have been even worse.

After an episode this week (huge fight with my son at bed time, where MY tantrum was bigger than his), caused by a serious lack of sleep for everyone (both kids waking up between 5 and 5:30 am everyday for the past week) and it didn't help that we've all been sick since Friday last week... Well after the "episode", I decided to snap out of it. I had enough. OK, I might have been feeling the blues, but this fight with my son left me feeling like a bad mom that night.

Nothing like crying and feeling like crap about yourself to put things into perspective I guess.

I'm not the only one that's been in a funk... my kids too... until today that is! You can see my kids were actually munching on healthy food this morning.

And yes, my daughter was actually snacking on some fresh kale leaves. How awesome is that?!!

It all started yesterday, when it was grocery day. You see, I had been slowly resorting to some convenience foods, and the kids have been doing nothing but demand junk food, and not eat healthy stuff when I'd make it. Any parent know how frustrating it can be!

I realized that I needed to start eating really healthy again, in order for them to "kick it up a notch". I want us to go back to the way we've been eating last winter until summer. To do that, I need to make sure we have loads of fresh produce on hand at all times.

Off I went to the grocery store. Bought oodles of fruit. I just heart fruit so much!

And lets not forget about the veggies! It's easy for me to get lots of fruit into me, since I have such a sweet tooth, but I have to make an effort for the veggies. I did buy lots though. I might have gotten a little carried away actually. But since I hate wasting food, I'll just have to make veggies a BIG priority in order to eat all this before it goes bad. In case your new to my blog, it's just me and my two little kids at home while hubby works away. So that's a lot of produce for just me and the kids. I believe salads of all kinds will be served as a side dish for a while! (just so you know, I still had a few fruits and veggies left in the fridge, these are just pics of what I bought yesterday!)

As I was unpacking the groceries (and yes, I bought other stuff, not just produce), I decided to reorganize my kitchen a bit.

This is my main counter. As you can see, it's mostly coffee stuff. I still drink coffee, but a lot less than I was a few weeks ago. I am hoping to reduce to one every 2 days in the next week or so. (Doing it gradually ;)

But I thought, if I want to eat healthy, I have to make sure the space works for me. Not sure why I didn't think about this before, but I thought about it yesterday. So I changed a few things around and voila!

Some dried fruit on the counter to remind me to snack on that when I'm feeling "snackish" or if I get a craving for something sweet, and my food processor in the corner, to make sure I use it more and try some delicious looking raw recipes I saw on YouTube.

My coffee maker is still on the counter, but on the other side of the sink now (it's just a small space). I am planning on making it the spot for the blender sometime soon! Speaking of blender, I have not been very faithful with my supposedly daily green smoothies. So this morning, I whipped up some healthy green goodness.

  • hemp seeds
  • orange juice
  • water
  • frozen blueberries
  • banana
  • kale
  • spinach
  • cacao nibs

I didn't take a picture of the finished smoothie, because it was more brown than purple and it didn't look very appetizing. But I can assure you it was delicious!

I also have been avoiding eating wheat (but not all gluten) for the past few days (along with a mostly vegan diet), just to see what would happen. I've been having some digestion issues lately, not to mention the eczema on my back that I've been having for the past few months and just can't get rid of. So far, my rash stopped flaring up through the day, it even seems to be getting better already and I feel happier, I'm not bloated, don't have any digestion issues so far (knock on wood!) and feel like the "brain fog" I've been experiencing is slowly lifting away.

I have heard of people saying they feel better when not eating wheat, but for my persistent eczema to start going away, tells me I might have an allergy or intolerance... I'll have to go to a naturopath and get tested to know for sure. I am going to continue my wheat-free experiment until Friday of next week to see what kind of results I get and I'll keep you posted on it.

Well, that's it for now folks! There you have it. I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself, take charge of my health and just do what needs to be done to feel better, both physically and emotionally. I'll be back tomorow with the coolest and yummiest vegan and wheat-free recipe I've ever had. It was so good, I can hardly wait to share with you!

Have a great day!


Mrs. M on January 30, 2010 at 3:20 PM said...

Ugh...the winter funk. It hits us all in one way or another. And isn't it amazing how getting back to our regular routine makes all the difference?
Excema.....what about dairy? eggs? Do you eat either of these? I know you've been heading the vegan way lately. Elliminating dairy really made all the difference for my son W's excema...all dairy including soy as it is very similiar to dairy in composition.
And here's a weird and freaky excema solution...bleach in your bath water. Not alot by all means. Google'll be surprised what you find.
Do you have a naturopath in your town or do you have to travel to the city?
I love your idea about rearranging your counter space for your healthier choices! Such a simple approach but so effective! I'm going to try that too!
Hope you all are feeling a little more energetic and positive...and that bedtime tonight is smooth and peaceful, for all of you.

Stephanie on January 30, 2010 at 5:18 PM said...

Thanks! Bedtime has been going like a charme since the "episode". I've been making more of an effort to stick with a bedtime routine and it's helped them tremendously.

As for the excema, I only eat about an egg a week at the most, I only had soy once in the last 2 months and I have been staying away from dairy completely for a couple weeks now. I finally found a vegan "creamer" replacement for my morning coffee, it was the last dairy thing I removed from my diet. It's not healthy, since it's made up of a bunch of ingredients I can't pronounce, but it dosen't give me a tummy ache at least.

Even with all this, my excema would still flare up on a daily basis. Considering I've only been avoiding wheat for 3 days and the inflamation on the rash is already going away, I'm thinking I might have found the culprit. The excema has only been spreading since it started in October, this is the first time it's reducing.... I'll give it another week and we'll see what happens :)

Glad I could inspire someone with my kitchen idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph,
I have had major winter blues (as in delting my whole blog!!!)and all the same bedtime ad unhealthy eating sagas with my kids too. But just like you, tomorrow marks the start of a new vibe- I am the only one who can kick start the change. Don't be too hard on yourself - you are practically a single parent and it is HARD!!! Keep trying x

Stephanie on January 31, 2010 at 6:58 PM said...

Thanks for the kind words. I got your e-mail about your blog... winter blues are no fun. In my case, it's been more like SAD, but I didn't realise it affected that many people around me. No matter what the issue, we always tend to think we are the only one going through it, don't we? And your right about being the only one who can make a change for myself, that's exactly what I realised that night. I'm slowly feeling much better inside and out since. Good luck to you too :) xx

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