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December 20, 2009

*** Warning ***
I know this post is long, but I seriously did not know how to make it shorter and really needed to share! So if you choose to keep reading, thank you for your time :)
Before I start talking about what a good week I had, I have to mention quickly that I had been feeling completely run down in the past few months. I'll explain the why in another post very soon. But just keep in mind that I've been really tired, and physically and mentally exhausted lately.

And then my hubby came home on days off. That's always nice, of course. But this time, it was more than that. The first two evenings he was home, he put the kids in bed for me because I had events to attend in the evenings. It was really nice to get a hour "break" here and a two hour break there. To not have to deal with the fighting that can come with bedtime. Because lets face it, bedtime is not always easy.

The third day my hubby was home, he went Christmas shopping in the city. I did not really understand why he wanted to do this, for a few reasons. First, he hates Christmas for the crowds and for the fact that it's just another way the industry has come up with to make more money. But also because he said he was going to the city to get my present.
Um, what present? We were not giving each other presents this year. We talked about maybe getting a wii as a "family present" or just using that money to take the kids to do some activities over the holidays (like bowling, going to the movies, etc) since we don't have any plans this Christmas. (His sister and her family, the only ones that live anywhere near us, are gone on the East Coast to see the rest of their family this holiday).
So like I said, what present? Well, he gave me two reasons.
First, he explained that it's his way of saying thank you for taking care of the kids when he's gone (which is pretty much all the time) and said that he just doesn't tell me enough how much he appreciates what I do. And second, he just bough a new set of golf clubs he technically did not need (since he already has a full golf bag) and even when he spends lots of money on himself, I never ask for anything. I only buy for myself when I absolutely can't put it off anymore and actually need something, versus want.
So what did my sweet better half get for me? How could he possibly find something I want, when I don't even know what I want?
Well, he could not wait until Christmas to give me my present, so I found out early:

Yes, he got me a digital Canon! It's a Rebel xsi, and he got me a 300mm lens too! (The one I got is a little different from the picture, but you get the idea.) Now, I'm sure almost anyone would be very happy with such a present, it's even more special to me.

You see, I used to do photography, years ago when we lived in Prince Edward Island... and before we had kids. I had started my little business, did a few weddings, some family portraits and a few expositions to sell some scenery pictures. I was really getting into it and put together my portfolio. I had my manual camera (you know, the kind with actual film in it), a tripod, a flash, some filters... and he made sure that all my equipment would fit on this new camera. I just appreciate so much how thoughtful he was with this present! Since getting this new camera, I've been just thinking about taking pictures all the time... just like I used to years ago.

Of course, I took a lot of pictures during our last trip to the mountains, back in September. I brought both my manual and my little digital camera. Wanna know the truth? The pictures I took with my manual were not near as good as the one with the digital. Why? I think it's because when you start taking pictures with a digital, you start second guessing yourself if you use a manual again, since you can't see your pictures right away. The problem was that even if my pictures with the digital (the kind that fits in a small purse) were very vibrant and beautiful, the lens that comes on those things was just not as powerful as I'd wish for. You can only zoom in so much with a little digital camera.

Now I won't have those issues anymore. No more second guessing myself, no more missed pictures since I have a stronger lens.

Anyways, enough babbling about the camera. I think you get the idea. I got a new camera, I love my husband for being so thoughtful, I'm happy. :)

As if that wasn't enough to put a huge smile on my face, the very next day, I got to spend it by myself AND in the city to go Christmas shopping. Yes, it's post worthy, because last time I did that, was last year for Christmas shopping too. I never get more than a couple hours break from being a mom. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a mom, and LOVE my kids more than life itself. I think I've been doing a great job taking care of the kids while my husband is away at work all the time, but it seems I've been doing an even better job forgetting about myself since being a mom. I know it's no ones fault, but my own. So I got to finish all our Christmas shopping for the kids, relatives and friends... and even got a few things for my self!

Shocking, I know!

I got a pair of jeans, as I was wearing out the only pair I owned (I know, pathetic, right?) and then got a new pretty shirt to go with the jeans. Trust me, it looks a lot better on me than on the floor, lol. But I really wanted to show it.

I also got a purse because I had seen 4 times and wanted to buy it each times. And I thought, why not? I deserve to buy something purely because I want it.

Of course I wore the new outfit and used my new purse the very next day... and I got compliments on my looks! Wow, it had been such a long time since that had happened! I forgot how sometimes, all you need is to take better care of yourself to gain some confidence. And people notice... not just the outfit.

So how do I feel now? I am no longer the run down and exhausted mom I was a week ago. I now feel rested, calm, at peace. I am happy and people are noticing. My kids are probably noticing too, because we are having a lot more good days. Maybe because I am relaxed enough to deal with what they can "throw" at me during the day. I feel ready to set new goals (and act on them) and feel excited about the little things in life again. There is a lot more smiling and laughing happening in this home right now. I feel like I found a long lost part of myself. I feel like a person again, not just a mom.

Note to self: I need to do this more often than once a year!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend


Anonymous said...

What a precious thoughful gift!! and I know what s feeling beyond tired...
It s always nice to take a break for the self..somedays i dont have time to brush my hair!!
I like the stuff you got, looks pretty!
Happy for you!

bloomingkids on December 20, 2009 at 1:26 PM said...

Steph, I am so happy for you and I think this could be a beautiful start to an amazing year for yourself and I really hope you get to use yor camera on more days out for yourself..I know just how you feel about that and it is sooo hard to get that time, but it does make you feel better and act better around the kids. This is a hard time for our family, my little boy gets very aggressive and demanding at christmas with all the change to his routine and any thoughts of a perfect christmas, don't exactly materialise so I am learning to accept what is and be as peaceful as I can (not easy!) I got a few hours to myself on wednesday when my mum collected the children from school so I could meet friends in London - as I was walking over London Bridge it started snowing and I had a cup of mulled wine as I walked along the Embankment and I was so happy!!! It made me think I am going to try and make the time to get up to the city once every couple of months just to stroll around and be by myself. Have a great Christmas, hope the children have a magical time and look forward to seeing some shots from your camera in 2010.

Mrs. M on December 22, 2009 at 11:52 PM said...

Oh these thoughtful husbands we have! I too know the joy of receiving an amazing camera that seemed like a distant dream....my FH gifted me for my 35th bday...and it was such a sweet surprise.
Enjoy that Canon! Maybe you can get out once a week for a camera-walk/drive instead of a coffee...keep snapping!
It's amazing what a little effort does for our soul, yet us mom's lack in that area...the whole self-care thing. We need to always remember us first, then the rest of our lives & people in it will be happier. Easier said than done...I know, cause I'm guilty of forgetting/putting off/letting go...but it's a necessity not a luxury.
Good for you for having such an awesome week! And could the timing be better just before Christmas?!
Hope your hubby is home for Christmas and that the four of you have a fabulous holiday season.

Stephanie on December 29, 2009 at 9:59 AM said...

Thanks for all the great comments. It seems that putting yourself last is a mom thing, but I'm really trying to change that. And I think my hubby noticed the difference in me since that awesome alone day because he's been helping me more around the house and with the kids since. I think I will start taking a day for myself every couple months because it has impacted my whole family in a very postitive way. Yay for some mom time! Thanks everyone for your support :)

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