Polymer Ornaments

December 15, 2009

I was planning on doing a post about handmade dough ornaments using "pate a sel". A salty dough recipe you make with flour, water and salt. I had even added ground cloves to my dough to make it smell like Christmas. I took pictures of every step for my post, in case I wanted to make a tutorial. I let it dry for almost 2 days, like the directions said. I baked it, like I was told. Then let it dry more, because it was not hard underneath...

And then they bubbled, like they were NOT supposed to do.

My kids were a little sad to put them in the garbage, but what do you do. Sometimes, recipes (edible or not) don't work out.

And then, this morning, I stumbled upon this post from Bloesem Kids...

Remember the Christmas gift tags I shared with you not too long ago? Yes, well, same blog. These ornaments are made from Polymer clay. Absolutely brilliant! Polymer clay comes already made, and with baking directions. It also comes in all sorts of colors, if you wanted to make different ones. It would be pretty much impossible to mess this one up (unlike mine, lol). I am just loving how easy the crafts posted on Bloesem Kids are!

You can find their post for this craft HERE.

I happen to be going to the city tomorrow, so I will make sure to pick up some polymer clay to make these (in a hurry) before Christmas comes. I will also get some okra to make THIS other craft, as I told you I wanted to make. I just can't find okra in my little town. I am thinking Thursday will be a crafting day for the kids and I. And my kids will be excited that our craft project won't end up in the garbage this time ;)

Happy crafting!


Mrs. M on December 15, 2009 at 9:55 PM said...

I saw another option using pie dough and patting nuts, seeds, etc into the top. I want premade dough though...el-lazi-o here!
Your idea is great!
And....we have Okra in the house so are going to try the Okra stamping decorations too!! Maybe into a couple of xmas cards for teachers? And maybe just decorations for us too!

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