Christmas recap

December 28, 2009

Hi everyone,
I hope you all had a good Christmas if you celebrated it?

I meant to come by and wish you all a Merry Christmas the day of, but I ended up spending a really nice and laid back day with my family. And in the end, that's more important than turning on the computer, so I figured you'd all forgive me :)

Ours was really quiet this year, since all our family was across country. At first, it really bothered me, but as the Christmas countdown was closing in, and every one's frenzy was hitting an all time high, I found myself really happy and calm knowing I did not have to stress with making appearances here and there, making tons of food for everyone or looking my best at all times.

Instead, we (my hubby, the kids and I) went shopping on Christmas eve to buy the kids a pair of ice skates with gift certificates they got early. Surprisingly, the two stores we went to, were quiet enough. Phew, we avoided the crazy crowds and shopping rush!... only because we did not go to any malls I would say.

That evening, after the kids bath, they were allowed to open 1 present each before bed. I started getting the kids to buy each other presents for special occasions this past year. So that they could really get into the spirit of giving, and not just receiving. Funny thing is, the tree was full (minus Santa's gifts) and they picked what they bought each other.

My daughter had "bought" (ok, mom and dad paid for it, but that's not the point) a cement truck for her brother and he bought his sister a toy playpen for her "babies".

They were so happy!

Of course the next morning, was Christmas. My hubby had set up the video camera so we could film the kids and then send it to our parents so we could share that with them. Now I'm not so sure that would be a good idea. The kids were more interested in opening the presents, and ripping paper and boxes, than they were interested in the gifts themselves. And there was a lot of them. Will all our family away, instead of the kids having presents from us and Santa under the tree and then receiving a few other presents when we go visit family... everyone mailed everything here and the tree was completely jammed packed of presents for the kids.

There was so many, I find it too embarrassing to post a picture of it. It was that bad (I find).
But here is a pic of my son working on his new tool bench like a mechanic.

And here is my daughter wearing her new tutu (she had it on all day) while playing at her new doll house (it's taller than her, in case your wondering).

I am so glad to have Christmas behind us now. Not that it was not great, because it was. But because I wanted something that would be simple and all about spending time together and it seemed like it was all about my kids opening presents and then not being able to appreciate most of them due to the quantity. We might have to figure something out for next year to make sure it doesn't happen like that. I want them to appreciate what they get and not expect so much. But I'm pretty sure I'm not the first mom who thinks that. Anyways.
For boxing day, we took the kids skating for a bit.... And had the best family day since our family golfing day!
I was so caught up in living in the moment and enjoying it, that I completely forgot to take pictures. So instead, all you get is a pic of my daughter's new skates.

Just to show you how small they really are, I put my hand beside them. They are a size 8 (toddler) I believe. Aren't they cute?
My son was not happy with the experience. He completely freaked out, but in his defence, there were still some guys playing hockey at the rink and it was really loud and echo-ey. He gets scared when there are really loud noises like that. But he said he'd try again, which is great. I'll take him to an outdoor rink next time.
As for my little ballerina, she was the opposite. She loved it so much, that she got mad at me when it was time to get off the ice.
"But I want to skate just a wittle more." is what she told me as I led her off the ice.
She did not want a chair either. Just to hold my hands and try to skate. So I am going to look into skating lessons for her for this January. She is still talking about going skating. She mentions it every hour, and I'm sure she'd sleep with her skates if I'd let her.

So that was our quiet Christmas. My hubby is gone back to work for 2 days and then home again for New Years.
The kids and I are just relaxing and enjoying each other's company in the mean time.
Because in the end, that's what Christmas should really be about.


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