A busy week and a whole lot of pictures!

December 4, 2009

TGIF again!

You'll have to excuse the length of this post, but I'm trying to cram a busy few days all into one post. It's been nuts around here this week!

I hope you had a good week? Mine was good, but just a bit (OK, alot actually) busier than usual. Between the usual couple mornings of work, taking my son to preschool and running the normal errands, I also had to drive to the city to exchange our new Christmas tree. My son fell into the tree last year (yes, you read that right) and broke a bunch of branches on the way down. So we needed a new tree this year. We had got a fibre optic one last week and when I set it up I realized that the circular base was not able to hold the tree up AND any heavy ornament was making the branches go all the way to the floor. Anyways, I'm getting away from my point here... Oh yes, I exchanged the tree for a better one. In the city. Took almost a whole day to get just that done. Yuck!

Thursday was C R A Z Y! Work, grocery store, home, take son to playschool (keep in mind his class is only 2 hrs), go to bank, go pay a bill somewhere else, go pick up a Christmas parcel, take Christmas parcel to our storage unit just outside of town, go to health food store, go to other grocery store to finish groceries I was not able to get at other place in morning, go pay for groceries before I'm completely done shopping because otherwise I will be late picking son up from school, go pick up son at school (oh yes, had daughter with me during all that too!), go to other health food store with both kids after, then home to make supper. Phew!!!!

You get the idea! I think I need a drink just thinking back on all the craziness. Well, not really, since I don't drink. But I should! Just kidding.

Thank goodness we had no plans today. We still managed to have a full day. Now, keep in mind, that these pics were all taken today.

My daughter helped me this morning making these vegan fruit & nut bars. You can find the recipe HERE.

They are pretty good, but I might add a touch of maple syrup or agave next time, as they are not sweet at all. And lets face it, I like sweets!

Then I let the kids decorate our new gigantic tree.

It started out pretty well.

They did a pretty good job, but this tree is alot bigger than our last one, so I realized that we don't have enough ornaments and can't find the garlands either.

And the top of the tree is almost naked since the kids couldn't reach! lol. Oh well, at least they had fun!

If your wondering what's on my daughter's cheek, it's a big 'ole smudge of raspberry jam. I was too lazy to wash it off before the picture.
Shortly after decorating the tree, my son came to me with the strangest request: he wanted to do yoga with my DVD! "Sure, go at it!"

He did the whole thing and he loved it! I think this just might become our new mother/son bedtime routine! I was also really surprised at how much he could do. He followed the direction pretty well. I don't know if you can tell, but he's actually doing the same pose as the lady in the TV, lol. (Pardon my mess, those were boxes from the Christmas decorations as well as one of the many loads of laundry that still needs to be folded. Just pretend it's not there, that's what I'm doing tonight ;)

Then I tried this new recipe for lunch. Apple/walnut stuffed acorn squash. I'd share the recipe, but it was not good enough to. I'm just sharing the picture because I thought it looked pretty ;) Speaking of recipe, a few posts ago, I said I was going to try a pumpkin latte recipe and let you know how that turned out... not going to share that either. It was disgusting! I guess that's what happens when you try all kinds of new recipes. Sometimes you love it, sometimes you don't.

And this afternoon I took my son to the salon to get his hair cut. He had not had his haircut at the salon since he was 17 months old... and he just turned 4. Salons and hairdressers used to freak him out. But to my surprise, he did amazing!
Doesn't he look handsome?

Well, going to the salon was not bad, but getting there was. We had something like almost a foot of snow overnight. Literally went from seeing grass last night to waking to a winter wonderland. The salon is only 2 minutes from my place but the road was so bad and slippery.
And it's supposed to be like this all weekend. Actually, the temperature is supposed to drop to the -20 Celsius for the next week. Add the snow on top of that and roads that are not plowed probably until Monday, I figured I might as well get what I needed (movies, and a few forgotten items at the grocery store) so I can hibernate until Monday!
And what happens when your so busy that your poor daughter skipped her naps 3 days in a row?
She falls asleep on the couch at 6pm!

Now it's 11 pm and she's been awake for an hour, so I'm going to call it a night and try to get her back to bed, so I can maby get some shut eye too!

I'll be back this weekend with more posts on crafts and recipes. In the mean time, have a great weekend. I can now officially wear nothing but pj's until Monday morning if I want to. I am not going a-ny-where.
Good night all!


Anonymous said...

-20???? Oh my word, that is COLD! The pictures and story this week are great - glad I'm not the only one running round like a loony! Your children are so beautiful too - hope you had a lovely cosy weekend with some movie afternoons (just ordered Prancer from Amazon - I love that movie). Oh, and my little boy used to ask to do my Yoga dvd too - he is really good at it and more interested than the girls. i had planned to do some every night as a calming down routine, but guess what...it never happned! All these plans and then time flies by and life kind of gets in the way of actually stopping and living in the moment. I need to work on that!

Mrs. M on December 5, 2009 at 10:43 PM said...

I LOVE the pic of the two in front of the tree! They are gorgeous. That's a keeper for later years...when they're teens!
And the yoga...so cute!LOL. I wonder if my W would try it???
Hope this week is a little less hectic...that you all are cozied in with this provincial blizzard!

WhitneyB99 on December 6, 2009 at 9:00 PM said...

I just wanted to let you know that Bloggy Blog Designz is having a super holiday giveaway, with 14 different giveaways but 34 winners total!

Tiffany on December 8, 2009 at 6:27 PM said...

That couch look so comfy!. Ours is leather and always cold and stiff... yuck. Love the pictures!

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