Halloween recap

November 1, 2009

My little Pirate and Fairy Princess really enjoyed themselves this year for Halloween.

We had a little party at our playgroup...

Where only one of them actually dressed up. The other one had a tantrum and wanted the dress off as soon as we got to the car. Oh well.

I took them to that little party, because this playgroup is usually so good and they try to feed the kids healthy snacks. But everyone brought something, and they brought oatmeal cookies (covered in icing and candy), meringue cookies (covered in artificial coloring and extra sugar), and there were even oranges (emptied, and filled with green jello and gummy worms.
Yeah, I was not too impressed with the assortment of "food".
Thank goodness, my kids only had a meringue cookie and called it quits. I could see my poor little pirate vibrate after that. (As I've mentioned in a previous post, he reacts strongly to sugar, dyes and artificial coloring, so I cringe every time he eats things like that, because I never know how badly it will affect his behaviour).

Here is a quick snapshot I took, in the middle of the week. Out of the blue, he decided to wear his pirate hat. Apparently, it helps his putt or something, lol.

My Fairy Princess refused to wear the dress to her brother's preschool class Halloween party, so she went as a Fairy I guess. And she had to show off her pearls!
Still at the preschool party. They really enjoyed themselves there. Thank goodness there were some fruits and veggies here! The teacher is very strict about healthy foods and how they come first, so that's always good.
It's my first time having a child go to school, but apparently, some parents bring some treats for all the kids on Halloween, and so my kids got to have a piece of Mars bar at the end of the party and another big piece (more like 3-4 bites) of chocolate they brought home. Result: they buzzed from when they ate it at 3 pm until 7:30 when I put them in bed. Lovely! Not!!

My daughter while I'm at work in the babysitting room. She really loved her fairy wings and the pearls, so she insisted on wearing them again. I'd let her wear them everyday, she's just so cute in it!

Later that day, I let them draw all over the pumpkin, because I was too lazy, I mean busy, to carve it. That's ok though, they had fun doing that, and in a couple days, I'm going to "hack" into it, and try to make some home made pumpkin puree for some recipes, and lets not forget the yummy seeds!!

They just were so cute in their costumes, they almost looked like angels. What you wouldn't know by looking at this picture, is that they were horrible ALL day. And I mean, bad. As in I was pulling my hair out kind of bad. They only settled down when they put their costumes on. Strangely, even after we got home and they had candies and chocolate, they remained calm until bedtime last night.

That gave me a false sense of confidence that I had dodged the sugar rush bullet. They (mostly my Pirate) was crazy from the moment he woke up until an hour before bedtime.
Crazy as in hyperactive and sassy.
Talking back to me.
Hitting and picking on his sister.
Then he finally settled down. For an hour.
Then he started having meltdown after meltdown.
I knew it was time to call it a day, plus it was just about bedtime anyways.

And then it went from bad to worst.
He physically fought me from taking him to his room, kicking and screaming.
Would not stay in his bed.
Screaming some more.
It was horrible. Really horrible.
For both of us, I'm sure.
Then he crashed and fell asleep while crying.
Then he had 2 night terrors (he used to have them every night until a year ago, he almost never have them anymore, so 2 in one night is a big sign.)
And now he's asleep on the couch behind me, and I'm scared to move him back to his bed, for fear of possibly triggering another night terror.

THIS is what used to happen in our house on a daily basis. (not the candy related celebration, but the attitude issues I mean).
And it was and is all related to food, in our case.
(No wonder I started being interested in nutrition!)

There had been some attitude in the past few days, but it really just built up in his little body I think. And then last night's candy (the like 6 things he had, which is alot for someone who almost never has any) was his breaking point. It was still in his system today, he was unable to control himself because he was on a sugar buzz from last night's treats.

I am thinking this candy is going to make a special trip to the garbage bin (outside, so there is no turning back).
It's not worth it.
And most of all, it's not fair, to me, or to my son.
Letting him have it, is like doing this to him on purpose.

I didn't realize that until tonight.

I spoke with my husband (who has been away at work for the last week) and he is supportive of the idea of not letting the kids trick or treating again.
I now have a year to think of a new Halloween tradition for my kids that does not involve getting any amount of candy.
I'm ok with costumes and pumpkins, just not with the candy.
I love my son too much to do that to him again.

I hope you all had a great weekend, weather you celebrated this holiday or not.
If you have any ideas for a fun tradition I could do with my kids next year, don't hesitate in leaving me a comment. I'd love to hear from you!


Mrs. M on November 9, 2009 at 6:46 PM said...

Oh I feel your Halloween pain! I'm so sorry you and your little man had to go through that. It's so hard. I know how frustrated I get...I can only imagine how my son feels...it's got to feel awful being that out of control.
What we did this year...W's first year trick or treating....is plant pre-approved treats at specific houses and only went to those houses. W had no idea and was thrilled to go t&t'ing. Worked like a charm!
Your kiddos are too cute!

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