Going loco for coconut smoothies!

November 11, 2009

Well, the weekend is definitely over now. I know, it's Wednesday your telling me. I mean, my husband's days off are done. Whenever he's home, it always feels like a weekend to me.

We had tons of fun! We went to the city a couple times, I got some Christmas shopping done (sorry Val, I'm not telling you what I got you, you will have to wait! haha) and we took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese's for our son's birthday (sort of a late present).

After a weekend of what felt like indulging in tons of junk foods, I was certainly craving something healthy for lunch today. So I had this:
Well, minus half the avocado. I was to full to eat it all.

The other day, I talked about how I had bought a coconut and I would try it in a smoothie...

Well, I tried it. With some fresh pineapple, banana, orange juice, spinach, hemp and chia seeds (my first time trying chia seeds too!).

It tasted great! The mix of the coconut and chia seeds made this super smoothie, super filling! I had it for a mid-afternoon snack and I was still so full by supper that I was unable to eat my meal. So I'll have to make sure I only put chia seeds in my breakfast smoothies. Mornings are when I tend to be the hungriest, so that would work out perfectly!

That smoothie was so surprisingly good, that I decided to try it again when I was hungry for a mid-morning snack...
Only this time I omitted the chia seeds, used water and orange pieces instead of orange juice.
Bad idea!
I know it looks pretty good, but if you don't have a blender as strong as a lawn mower, then don't put pieces of oranges in your smoothie. I ended up with tons of large pieces of the fibre. Like at every sip. It was sticking to the inside of my throat and almost made me gag. I could not drink it. And I hate wasting a good green smoothie, but I really could not swallow this :(

But before I had a chance to try it, my son surprised me when I heard him say he wanted some in his own glass. I have not been able to get him to drink any since summer ended.

Mmmm, a yummy green mustache! He had a few sips, and then decided he was done with it. Once I tried mine, I understood why.
Other than the orange in the smoothie idea back firing on me (only because I don't have a Vita mix or a Blendtec), I definitely would give coconut meat a go in there! It's delish!
Have a great evening and happy blending!


Mrs. M on November 14, 2009 at 1:07 AM said...

Don't ya just love, love, love coconut?!
And a vitamix is on my heavenly wishlist...and I say wish! My friend has one and it's amazing. Apparently even Costco stocks them and were there a couple of weeks ago.
I've also been looking at dehydrators...oh the list does go on!

Stephanie on November 14, 2009 at 8:50 AM said...

Vitamix at Costco? Ooooh, I should look at that! Both a good blender AND a dehydrator (Excalibur) are on my wish list as well!

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