October 30, 2009

I don't know about you, but my week felt cahotic for some reason.

Possibly because we had to jump back into my part-time job and Ashton's preschool classes routine after being sick for over a week.

Could also be due to the Halloween celebration at the kids play group (I sometimes take them there when I'm able to) and the Halloween party at Ashton's preschool class that the parents and younger siblings were invited.

But I'm thinking the cahos I felt could mostly be due to all the kids excitement (aka hyperactivity) and the early Halloween candy they ate then followed by some more hyperactivity.

I enjoy the excitement my kids feel while getting ready for trick or treating, I enjoy walking with them in the crisp fall air, I enjoy seeing their little faces smile from ear to ear. What I do not enjoy is dealing with my kids nagging me every hour because they want another piece of candy or chocolate. I also do not enjoy the hyperactivity and moods that follow eating such things. I am thinking we will only go to a few houses, and then call it a night. I even have the strange urge to make this our last time trick or treating... We'll see.

I decided to post an early Halloween pic of my little Fairy Princess because she decided she does not want to wear her costume anymore. She can be sassy like that. So I'm pretty sure this was the only pic of her in that dress I'm going to get for a while.

But she sure looks beautiful in it!

On a different note,

A few weeks ago, I decided to try and make a raw tart, for the first time.

First, I made the crust with some raw almonds, pecans, dates, orange zest, cinnamon and some ground flax.

There was so much of it, I had to freeze half of it. Oops!

Then I shaped it to form sort of a pie crust. I was quite pleased with it. Turns out I'm pretty good at crust shaping.

Then, I processed some coconut oil, some dates, the juice of an orange and...

ended up with this weird texture. My orange had been in the fridge, so the juice of it was cold, and as soon as the liquid coconut oil touched the orange juice, it hardened :( Oh, and I used the small container attachment of my food processor and the juice was starting to come out of the sides as it was mixing. Laugh all you want, I did!

The orange flavour did make it into the coconut oil though, so that was a plus. I think I need to practice more so my raw deserts can actually look like I picture them in my head. I assumed it would look like orange creamcicle or something. NOT.

But it did taste like it!!!

Oh well, all and all, it was pretty good for a first time I thought. I had no problem eating it, that's for sure. I tried to share with the kids, but they wanted nothing to do with it. So I had it all by myself. (Over the course of a few days, not all the same day!)

I should try a new raw recipe this weekend, just so I have something decadent yet healthy on hand, to help resist the halloween candy temptation... I'm going to need all the help I can get.

Hope you all have a great weekend and have a happy Halloween (if you celebrate it).


bloomingkids on October 31, 2009 at 5:02 PM said...

Hi Stephanie,
Just wanted to say that after reading your post about wanting to become a nutritionist, I have no doubt that you will because you are so passionate about it and your blog is really defining itself now as somewhere to pop by and get some inspiration/recipes for healthy food and also read about the honest battle of trying to get your kids to eat it and not giving up even though you feel like it at times. Good luck x

Stephanie on October 31, 2009 at 7:55 PM said...

Thank you, thank you for such a nice comment! And it comes at a perfect time too. I've been wondering lately what it is that people like about my blog, as I felt I was writing about such random things. I didnt really realize that it was defining itself in anyway, though I knew food was the one thing I always seem to talk about. I've also been holding back the food/nutrition posts, worried that people might stop being interested... I guess I should just follow my heart and talk about what makes me really passionate. It would make sense, wouldnt it?! lol.

Thanks again for your kind words!
Steph xx

Beach Vintage on November 1, 2009 at 4:37 PM said...

Your little princess looks beautiful.

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