Getting my kids to eat healthy again

October 27, 2009

Good morning everyone!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far? Yesterday has been a very interesting day for me, but I'm choosing not to vent about it. I'll just say that a shopping trip with overtired and overactive kids was not a good idea and I ended up with a flat tire while in the city, an hour away from home. Like I said, it was interesting, lol.

Anyways, I mentioned on my last post that my kids had not been eating so well lately and it was driving me crazy! When something does not go your way, do something about it! So I've been going strong again with the section plates (though there is no real meal on them most times, something I've been having issues with getting them to eat, they are filled with fruits and veggies) and at snack time, I've been offering them plenty of fruit plates.

I started giving them fruit plates at snack times this summer, when the fruit selection at the grocery store was big and inexpensive. (I also had been meaning to post about it before now, but it never happened for some reason.)

This is a fruit plate I gave them this morning, with Bartlett pears, blackberries, red grapes and I decided to add some raw cashews and raw almonds to make sure their little tummies would stay full until lunch time. They have been very hungry since they got over that flu. Making up for lost times I guess :)

This one is strawberries, clementines and grapes.

Yummy berries and apples. This one is from this summer when berries were at their peak and the prices were at the lowest. I feel kinda sad looking at this. Makes me miss fresh blueberries.

(I apologize for the pictures being rotated the wrong way, it would not let me change it for some reason)

I like to do fun designs, but sometimes, simplicity is best.
Either way, my kids have been gobbling these up in no time. I feel so much better now that they are eating fruits and veggies again. They are slowly "detoxing" from all the processed carbs they had been eating, they are getting stronger and stronger after their bad flu, and they stopped asking me for junk every time they are hungry.
Thank goodness!
I guess their healthy eating is mostly up to me at this age, isn't it? They can't eat what I don't offer them. It's my job as a parent to offer healthy food. It's their job to decide weather or not to eat it.
They did refuse the fruits and veggies for a few days, but I think they decided that eating healthy was better than going hungry.

Now, if I could just get them to eat soup, or a casserole, I'd be all set! One battle at a time I guess.


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