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October 6, 2009

Well hello there!
I'm back and inspired to blog again! Hope your having a good week so far?

My poor little guy has been sick since last Thursday night. See the proof in this picture.

He looks sick, right? His fever was pretty high at that point. The fever is finally gone, but he's still very tired and throwing up randomly. Poor little guy. I tried to cheer him up with an organic lolly pop, but I don't think it made a big difference. (even though he ate it)

Yesterday, he seemed to be doing allot better, and since we had been stuck in the house for days AND Dad was home, we took the kids to the West Edmonton Mall for a game of mini golf.

They had so much fun. How could you not have fun at a place that looks like this:

And that's not even all of it! It's a really cute spot and perfect for kids (and the bigger kids aka mom and dad, too.)
He's got such a good swing, such a pro.

She doesn't have a clue how to hold a putter and she only played the first hole (this one). The rest of the time, I spent chasing her around. She was always a hole behind.

I can't blame her for being all over the place. It was so exciting and colorful, she was getting easily distracted. And because she was crazy and running around the whole time, so was my little guy.

The boys usually play here by themselves while mama and baby girl go shopping. And we established that we should do that next time. It was a fun little experience, but I'm not doing that every time.

At least the kids had fun, and that counts. It sure made my sick little guy happy and alive for a bit. Though he was ready to crash as soon as we left the mall.

This morning, my little guy started puking.
Yes, you read that right.
(Sorry if it grosses you out. It's something normal in a mom's life, lol.)
So I knew he would not be going to preschool today. He played a bit and rested allot.
And the power went out early this morning.
So what's a mom and 2 kids to do?

Well, we dug out the Halloween decorations!
I was going to wait another week or so before taking them out, but I had to keep the kids busy.
I got them to help me stick the window clingers and hang a couple things.
In my Halloween decoration box, was also Arianne's bunny ears from last years costume and some "foamies" for crafts.

Those foamies are basically foam stickers. They keep little kids busy for hours.

And yes, my daughter was wearing the bunny accessories all day long. But she looked so cute in it, I wasn't going to make her take it off. No.
Instead, I took lots of pictures of her.

Weather she was holding the bucket or wearing the bucket, I thought it was all adorable!


Sheri on October 7, 2009 at 10:38 AM said...

Oh no! How are you guys feeling? That flu is sure going around -- my baby girl is sick too and it is just hanging on. It's been non-stop snuggles over here :)

Your kids are so cute! And your daughter's gorgeous hair...wow! What a head of hair on a baby!

Back when we only had one little critter, we used to live in Calgary and I remember visiting that mall! It's amazing!

Stay cozy and well, sending healthy vibes to your gang :)


Stephanie on October 7, 2009 at 12:37 PM said...

Thanks Sheri!
My little man seems to be feeling ALOT better today. He even ate his whole lunch and is now playing with his trucks. I think he should be 100% by tomorow.

Hope your baby girl feels better soon. Will all those snuggles that she gets for all the other critters and you, she'll be better in no time :)

I love WEM!! It's so much fun there, by the pirate ship, they had a lemur exibit. The kids loved it!
Hope you and your gang have a great day!

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