Where my passion about nutrition came from...

September 23, 2009

In my last post, I mentioned that I had been very interested in nutrition since this past January. Somehow, I've never really talked much about it. I guess, in the beginning, the goal of this blog was to help me find myself as a person again. I wouldn't say I'm completely there yet, but it has helped me tremendously. But what is the point of having your own blog if you can't talk about what you want and feel passionate about?

So I guess I'm going to stop worrying about what other people may think or dislike, and just talk about what makes me so passionate, makes me ME. Because I can honestly say, that I have been finding a huge part of myself though nutrition. I'm turning into a food nerd, nutrition dork, whatever you want to call it. And I'm OK with that! I even decided, months ago, that I want to study to become a holistic nutritionist. Now, if I can just find the money to take this (online) course... But that's a story for another day.

Last year, my son was a handful. And I mean, a complete handful. He was very aggressive, with me, his sister, and other kids. He had moments when he could play properly with other kids, but he mostly had moments of high frustrations, anger and tons of tantrums. I know tantrums are normal for little toddlers, but my mommy instinct was telling me something was off. He also would be wired and hyperactive most of the time. I'm talking about vibrating like a machine on overload. When he would get in trouble, I would go down to his level to talk to him, and I couldn't even get eye contact, because he was unable to stand still. He would move his body around, look everywhere and I'm not even sure if he could hear me, because I could tell his brain was going 100 miles per hour.

I started looking online about ADD/ADHD symptoms and I could have checked ALOT of things on the list. I decided to talk to my Dr. about it (though I knew that no matter the outcome, I would never medicate him for it). He gave me a form to fill out (I knew that was an "ADHD" form because of my reading online) but also asked me to keep a food journal.

A food journal?
What for?
Well, turns out, that kids can be sensitive to certain foods , without being allergic to them. The sensitivities can result in ADHD like symptoms.

Wow! How come I had never heard of THAT???

I kept a food journal and within 2 weeks, I figured out that he was very sensitive to food dyes, preservatives, and more sensitive to sugar than some other kids (like my daughter for example). I started removing and replacing these foods and the changes started happening. I also started giving my kids Omega supplements (because it's so good for your body and to help his mood) and the combination of all that resulted in a MASSIVE improvement!

He's now a happy kid, very friendly yet often shy at the same time, he now has lots of friends, still has tantrums like a normal kid, loves to help and please, still hyper some days (but hey, we live in an apartment and have no yard, and he's an almost 4 yo boy, what do you expect!) and is the kid he used to be, as a very young toddler. I say that, because, before his sister was born, I was neurotic about what I fed him. It had to be lots of fruits, veggies and as unprocessed as possible. Somewhere along the way, with my daughter's birth, my postpartum depression (that started after her birth) and my being sick with gall bladder stones (all of which happened within a 2 month period), I just didn't have the energy or health to put focus on feeding my son healthy foods anymore.

And THAT is WHEN the changes started happening. It took me a long time to figure it all out, but I'm glad I did. We are eating allot healthier now and the changes have affected all of us in a very positive way. I'm happy to be back to my neurotic mommy ways!
My son can thank me later :)

So there you have it, this where my interest in nutrition started. Now I just can't get enough of the nutrition info. If you add to that, the fact that I've always loved cooking, it makes for a good mix I think!


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