Tomorow is my Birthday and...

September 5, 2009

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I will be 29 years old and I am so excited! 29 is not usually a birthday people get excited about, or even celebrate more than other years. In my case, I have lots to be excited about.
Let me explain. I moved away from home (Montreal) 8 years ago. Away from my family and away from my friends. And Alban has been working "away" since before we even met. So I only celebrated my birthday twice in the last 8 years. Not to mention, this is going to be the first time that I will see him ON my actual birthday, since we met. Oh, and he is on vacation, so how perfect is that?

So both for vacation and for my birthday, he decided that we should go to the mountains for 3 days. Mountains, as in, going around the National Parks in Alberta, where we live. We leave tomorrow sometime in the morning, we will have lunch at a friends place in the city, and then we'll head out for the mountains. Tomorow (Sunday) night in Jasper, Monday night in Banff, and then back home. It will give the kids (mostly Ashton) a day of rest before he starts preschool for the first time, the day after.

It should be amazing, and oh so fun!! Not only am I going to the mountains on my birthday, but I am going to the mountains in the fall! It's my favourite season. Most of my best childhood memories took place in the fall. There was back to school (which I loved), apple picking with my family and then making the best applesauce E-V-E-R with my mom, and some apple crisp as well. There was taking nice walks by the river in the fresh crisp evening air. And lets not forget you can start wearing jeans (or pants) with a long sleeve shirt, and maby a nice scarf if it's a bit too cool for the neck. I know there are lots of nice summer fashions, but what can I say. When you love fall, you love pants and scarves! lol.
Anyways, back to our weekend in the mountains...
We have a plan as to where we should be by night, since we already made our reservations, but other than that, we will be exploring, picture taking (lots, and lots of picture taking), pic-nicking, laughing and enjoying. It's going to be both laid back, and jammed at the same time, I'm sure.

I will post about it when we get back, I promise :)
(I will make sure my batteries on my digital cam will be charged this time!)
Hope you enjoy your long weekend as much as I will!


Sheri on September 6, 2009 at 2:43 PM said...

Hi Birthday Girl,

Hope you have a fabulous birthday weekend! How wonderful to have a getaway with hubby and kids!

I didn't know you live in Alberta! We lived there for 6 yrs and my first baby was born there -- we lived there while hubby was at U of C. We married in Banff :) I love AB and we miss it! It's a beautiful spot.

Big birthday wishes from me to you!
xo Sheri

Mrs. M on September 6, 2009 at 9:15 PM said...

Have a super birthday! It sounds like a wonderful long weekend. Enjoy the mountains. They're always spectacluar.

Stephanie on September 6, 2009 at 10:44 PM said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Sheri, That is too funny. I remembered reading in one of your posts that you were from Canada, but I certainly never imagined that you had lived here before. It's a small world isnt it?

I will have a fun post about this whole birthday weekend when I get back. I had a wonderful surprise... but I won't tell yet ;)

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