Summer recap and Strawberry Pops tutorial

September 1, 2009

I can't believe it's September already! That means that my favourite season, fall, is about to start, and so is the fun!
Sure, we had lots of fun this summer, we tried camping as a family for the first time (and got rained on all night, while in a leaky tent), I took the kids to the beach, we had LOTS of play dates with friends, went to the mountains for a quick weekend getaway, golfed as a family and did a few trips to visit my sister-in-law, her hubby and my 2 nephews. (my kids love going there).
But I don't deal with summer too well in general. I had 2 heat strokes in the past 2 weeks alone (thankfully the one from last night was mild). I also have an allergy to the sun/heat, which means that when it gets really hot, I can't even take my kids out for walks or go to the park, or I get insane rashes. We actually spent quite a bit of time inside this summer :(
Right now, it's still extremely hot here. And that reminds me about these strawberry pops we did weeks (maby even a month) ago and forgot to write a post about it.
I got the idea from Nature Mom's Blog. You can read her post about it HERE. I told my kids we were going to do an edible craft... and that peaked their curiosity right away.

Strawberry Pops Tutorial
(it's my first tutorial, so please forgive me until I get the hang of this)

First, you need strawberries, plain yogurt, and some toppings of your choice. We used slivered almonds and unsweetened organic shredded coconut.

Then, you put a couple of strawberries on skewers and let the kids dip them in yogurt to coat the berries.

Sprinkle your toppings onto your dipped berries and then freeze for about 10 minutes.


OK, so truth is, we had to use stir sticks (for drinks) because the skewers we had were too thin and the berries would not hold in place. So that's tip #1. And though my kids loved doing this edible craft, only my son ate it. My daughter hates getting herself dirty. She managed to help making this without making a mess, but could not figure out how to eat it without getting some all over her face and hands. I don't even think she ate a whole berry. But it was fun. And Ashton sure enjoyed the whole process.

So if like us, your still enjoying some of the last hot days of "summer" (even though school is started), this might just be the perfect no fuss, fun, easy, edible activity to do with your kids.

Note: I will write another post this week to tell you why fall is my favourite season. I have the feeling there is going to be lots of pictures and fun stuff to talk about this September! Stay tuned!


Infarrantly Creative on September 2, 2009 at 3:18 PM said...

OMG those look yumm-o. Strawberries are my favorite I will have to bookmark this.

Mrs. M of RWB & Me on September 3, 2009 at 12:27 PM said...

MMmmmmm!! Those sound delish!
Thanks for sharing your first tutorial. Ya did great!

Anonymous said...

OH MY! These look great! What a great idea -- I am going to try it with my very ripe strawberries. Thanks for the fantastic idea, Stephanie! Your kids are so adorable making their own special (fancy!) snack. (my sons always appear topless at the table too :)

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