I had the BEST birthday surprise...

September 10, 2009

Have you ever had a best friend? You know, the kind of friend that you've known since elementary or high school? The kind that has been with you, through thick and thin? The kind that has always been there for you, no matter how close or far you lived apart? Well, I can say

I've been lucky enough to have one of those. Her name is Val.
And SHE was my birthday surprise.
That's right! My amazing hubby and her planned it and she flew in the night before my birthday and surprised me on my doorstep. In fact, she literally walked in less than 30 minutes after I wrote my last post.

I have to say, it's the best birthday surprise/present I could have ever gotten!
And yes, we did still go to the mountains. It was not a cover up, but when we (my hubby and I)were talking about it, I did not know that it would include my best friend too.

The picture above was taken in the gondola on the way to the top of Sulphur Mountain, in Banff, AB.

We've been giggling like teenage girls all week. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention, she was here for a whole week. In fact, she's sitting beside me right now, so I should go pay attention to my guest. But I will be back in a few days and tell you all about touring the mountains and all the other fun stuff.

(Picture taken at the bottom of the Athabasca Falls, outside of Jasper, AB)
THIS, is what real friendship looks like, viewed from the back.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,
That is fab! I have a friend like that too but she lives on the other side of the world but a few years ago when I was in Australia I flew in and suprised her on her birthday and it was the best! Enjoy.
Sorry not blogging/messaging at the mo but still follow your posts.
take care

Sheri on September 11, 2009 at 10:40 PM said...

Stephanie, that is so SWEET! How lucky you are to have such a dear friend. And so wonderful of your hubby to surprise you like that!

What a birthday!

xo Sheri

Mrs. M on September 12, 2009 at 10:04 PM said...

Aww! What a fabulous duo...hubby & friend...conspiring to give you the best gift ever.
Friendships like that are rare. Treasure them.
Glad you had a super birthday week.

Mrs. M on September 15, 2009 at 6:33 AM said...

Hey Stephanie,
In response to your comment on my blog about GF diet and ADHD....it's helped our son immensely! Yes, he's still MORE than other kids...and always will be in some areas, but he's able to focus more, the tantrums have eased, he's happier, etc, etc. On my blog, there's a post about an Elimination Diet that explains everything we did in detail, the book I found etc. At first it was alot of work, now we're used to it, and we've seen some great successes. Add in the weighted vest and therabands and some other "tools" and we're on our way to a calmer life. Not perfect. Still more energy, etc. but better, much, much, much better.

Let me know if you want more info. I'm happy to share!

Melinda said...

You forgot the amazing sister in law that kept their secret for a LONG time (it was killing me)!!! I'm so glad you guys had a good time. Mrs. M is right, friendships like that are rare.

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