Our weekend and a new favourite (healthy) recipe!

September 27, 2009

As mentioned on my last post, I wanted to go to the city on Saturday and get a book (or 3). Well, it did not happen. It was cool when we woke up and VERY windy!!

We had such a nice lazy morning, that by the time we got dressed (past lunch time), it was too late to go to the city. I know, I know, but I did say we were having a lazy morning! :) And it was so windy, I was not driving an hour in that kind of wind. Since becoming a mom, I'm such a wuss when it comes to weather and driving!


We made it out of the house though. I took the kids to the movie rental place. And Ashton almost blown away! Coming out of the store, he opened the door, and a huge gust of wind blew the door open and Ashton went a few feet away and landed on the ground! I am not making this up! He looked up at me, and I'm not sure he knew how he even got there, lol.

We did make it to the city today though. They were out of almost all the books that were on my list. Can you imagine? What were the chances? But here is what I came home with:

A reusable bag I bought there, because I forgot mine in the car, I hate using plastic bags AND I thought it was so cute! (I know, I'm such a nerd!)

I did find Eat Pray Love (Yay!), and got a book about Reiki (I can do the energy thing, but I just don't know what I'm doing, so I thought it would be great to read about the how to, and it was on sale :)

And the book in the middle is a Vegetarian recipe book (my first one!), filled with pictures. In fact, every single recipe has a picture! Those are hard to find. And there were no strange ingredients, just very simple, wholesome ingredients that hopefully make some very tasty food! On sale too by the way, I totally scored!

When we came home, I made supper early for the kids. They were starved... for veggies! Neither of them touched their pasta salad and only munched on their bread a while later. They went straight for their veggies and hummus!

For some reason, Arianne was eating like this:

She had to use her finger to eat the rest of the hummus, as she was out of veggies. I'm just not sure what the finger in the ear was for, but it sure was cute!!

Silly girl!

Last, but not least, I want to share this little find. A healthy (raw) breakfast or whenever recipe. It's called Autumn Apple Grawnola, from In The Raw. You can find the recipe on her site HERE. Go check out her blog, she's got great stuff there, and tons of yummy looking recipes. I have a few (alot) more I want to try that she posted.

It was very easy and tasted AMAZING!

It's a very giving recipe, because it calls for shredded coconut, and I forgot to put it in (what a shame, it would have been even better! If that's possible).
I also forgot to soak my almonds, and it calls for sunflower sprouts but I used sunflower seeds. And the last change I had to make: It calls for almond milk or coconut water and I had neither. So I made "Nana milk" by placing 1/2 banana and a bit of water in the blender.

Like I said, it's a very giving recipe. Even with all these changes, it was so good, I'm still craving some. I'll have to go to the store tomorrow, because I used my last fresh banana's for it this morning and you cant use frozen ones for that (except for the banana milk).

MUST keep a constant supply of fresh bananas now. Did I mention I was still craving this? Oh yeah. I'm telling you, weather you eat a raw diet or not, you have to try this. It was so filling, I was full (but not stuffed) until lunch time. It makes allot!

Quick note: For the first time ever, I did not have any cooked foods until 3pm. I had the apple grawnola for b-fast, and a green smoothie for lunch. It actually kept me satisfied until mid-afternoon. I actually feel great right now and my stomach feels light. Usually at this hour (11:30pm) my stomach does not feel good. Might have to try this raw eating thing again and keep supper for a nice cooked veg meal... We'll see :)

Hope you all had a great weekend. I'm going to dream of Apple Grawnola now. Good night!

What a busy week!

September 25, 2009

I hope you all had a good week? Mine was very busy!

In addition to taking my little man to play school twice a week now, I also started working (again). I am still, for the most part, a stay at home mom, but I have a part-time job that I started September last year. I babysit kids at the recreation centre in my town, while parents work out. It's only for 2 hours in the mornings, 4 mornings a week. I am lucky enough to be able to bring my kids with me to work (I LOVE my job even more for that!), I have the rest of my days free to spend with them, and my schedule pretty much resembles one of a school calendar. So I never have to work on weekends, I have 2 weeks off during the Christmas holidays, and get my summers off!

I know, I'm lucky, right?

This week, was my first week back at work, since this past June. Which means, waking up early(er) in the mornings, AND taking my son to school in the afternoons, making my daughter skip her afternoon naps twice this week (because of school) AND on top of that, we had all been sick with the flu.

If you look at it in term of hours, I know, my 2 hour work morning, and my guy's 2 hour/twice a week class is not much. But it's certainly felt allot busier than our relax, unplanned, unscheduled and free spirited summer days.

That being said, I am so glad to be back into a routine again!

With a busy scheduled week, comes the weekend that will actually feel like a weekend, and not like any other day of the week.

So I've been thinking of going to the city with the kids tomorrow and head to Chapters (my favourite book store!). I made a list of potential buys (9 books) because I can't go there unprepared with 2 toddlers. Made that mistake once and came out of there with something I ended up having to return. You just can't browse and roam in a bookstore with little kids and not have a game plan! You can't!!

So I thought I'd share my list:
  1. Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko (a book about raw foods)
  2. Raw Food Life Force Energy by Natalia Rose
  3. Raw Made Easy for 1-2 people by Jennifer Cornbleet
  4. The China Study (about a massive study done about the truths and myths of too much protein in the diet)
  5. The Kid Friendly ADHD & Autism Cookbook, Gluten Free and Casein Free diet (has loads of info on how diet can affect kids)
  6. The Celestine Prophecies (read that as a teen, but have been wanting to read it again so bad)
  7. Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama
  8. Eat, Pray, Love
  9. Julie, Julia

So here you have it. A very varied list of books that all pique my curiosity.

Now... how I am supposed to pick only one or two, is beyond me. We'll see tomorrow what speaks to me I guess.

(Pic of my regular cup of coffee, thought it would add some color to this post ;)

Hope you all have a great weekend. Now I'm going to go relax with a nice cup of tea before bed. I really need to unwind from my week.

Where my passion about nutrition came from...

September 23, 2009

In my last post, I mentioned that I had been very interested in nutrition since this past January. Somehow, I've never really talked much about it. I guess, in the beginning, the goal of this blog was to help me find myself as a person again. I wouldn't say I'm completely there yet, but it has helped me tremendously. But what is the point of having your own blog if you can't talk about what you want and feel passionate about?

So I guess I'm going to stop worrying about what other people may think or dislike, and just talk about what makes me so passionate, makes me ME. Because I can honestly say, that I have been finding a huge part of myself though nutrition. I'm turning into a food nerd, nutrition dork, whatever you want to call it. And I'm OK with that! I even decided, months ago, that I want to study to become a holistic nutritionist. Now, if I can just find the money to take this (online) course... But that's a story for another day.

Last year, my son was a handful. And I mean, a complete handful. He was very aggressive, with me, his sister, and other kids. He had moments when he could play properly with other kids, but he mostly had moments of high frustrations, anger and tons of tantrums. I know tantrums are normal for little toddlers, but my mommy instinct was telling me something was off. He also would be wired and hyperactive most of the time. I'm talking about vibrating like a machine on overload. When he would get in trouble, I would go down to his level to talk to him, and I couldn't even get eye contact, because he was unable to stand still. He would move his body around, look everywhere and I'm not even sure if he could hear me, because I could tell his brain was going 100 miles per hour.

I started looking online about ADD/ADHD symptoms and I could have checked ALOT of things on the list. I decided to talk to my Dr. about it (though I knew that no matter the outcome, I would never medicate him for it). He gave me a form to fill out (I knew that was an "ADHD" form because of my reading online) but also asked me to keep a food journal.

A food journal?
What for?
Well, turns out, that kids can be sensitive to certain foods , without being allergic to them. The sensitivities can result in ADHD like symptoms.

Wow! How come I had never heard of THAT???

I kept a food journal and within 2 weeks, I figured out that he was very sensitive to food dyes, preservatives, and more sensitive to sugar than some other kids (like my daughter for example). I started removing and replacing these foods and the changes started happening. I also started giving my kids Omega supplements (because it's so good for your body and to help his mood) and the combination of all that resulted in a MASSIVE improvement!

He's now a happy kid, very friendly yet often shy at the same time, he now has lots of friends, still has tantrums like a normal kid, loves to help and please, still hyper some days (but hey, we live in an apartment and have no yard, and he's an almost 4 yo boy, what do you expect!) and is the kid he used to be, as a very young toddler. I say that, because, before his sister was born, I was neurotic about what I fed him. It had to be lots of fruits, veggies and as unprocessed as possible. Somewhere along the way, with my daughter's birth, my postpartum depression (that started after her birth) and my being sick with gall bladder stones (all of which happened within a 2 month period), I just didn't have the energy or health to put focus on feeding my son healthy foods anymore.

And THAT is WHEN the changes started happening. It took me a long time to figure it all out, but I'm glad I did. We are eating allot healthier now and the changes have affected all of us in a very positive way. I'm happy to be back to my neurotic mommy ways!
My son can thank me later :)

So there you have it, this where my interest in nutrition started. Now I just can't get enough of the nutrition info. If you add to that, the fact that I've always loved cooking, it makes for a good mix I think!

I have a new baby!

September 18, 2009

OK, so it's not a baby of the human or even of the living variety. But of the shiny and in the kitchen variety.

Ever since I started reading about nutrition last winter (to find ways to help my son who had some ADHD-like symptoms), raw foods is something that kept popping up in all my searches. Because if your looking into eating natural, whole, unprocessed and healthy foods, this is definitely THE way to go. Though a raw vegan diet is not something that would work right now in our household, I (we) have made lots of dietary changes here. I now drink daily green smoothies. I swear by them! I also eat and give the kids lots more raw fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. And when I cook, I cook from scratch (well, um, most of the time). I'm not perfect, eating healthy it's still something we are working on. It dosent take much to fall off the wagon sometimes. (Like my birthday vacation for example. I'm not even going to tell you about all the crap we ate. Lets just say I felt ill by the end of the week).

I have been very curious about trying lots of different raw recipes, more specifically the sweet ones. I have a very sweet tooth, but every time I would find a recipe that seemed amazing, it would require a food processor. So, for my birthday, I got myself one AND it happen to be on sale. (Like a 50%-off-kinda-sale. Bonus!)

And here is my first raw vegan treat I've made with it:

This is Sheri's recipe from Vegan Family Inc.

Earth Balls

Place 2 cups of raw almonds in the food processor and ground to a fine "meal". Then, add 1 1/2 to 2 cups pitted Medjool dates. I then added hemp harts for protein and Omega's they provide, some Goji berries and a tiny drizzle of organic Agave nectar (to help it stick, like Sheri said.)

Blended a bit more and then form into balls. Instant gratification, they are ready right away. And they are SO SO SO good. You have NO idea!

You can add all kinds of other good things in there if you want to. Cacao powder, cacao nibs, ground flax, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, etc.

While I was at it, I figured I'd try another recipe I had found on RWB & Me. You can find her blog HERE.

Coconut Haystacks

These are ridiculously easy to make, but they deserve a serious warning though. I almost had a big "O" when I took the first bite. They are creamy and crunchy at the same time. YUM!

1/2 cup carob powder (I used raw cacao powder)

3 cups shredded, unsweetened organic coconut

3/4 cups coconut oil

1/2 cup agave nectar

In a bowl, combine the carob powder and shredded coconut. Mix well. Add the coconut oil and agave nectar. Mix well. Using an ice cream scoop, scoop into about 16 mounds. (I used a melon baller and made little bite size ones that would be perfect for my little kids). Freeze at least 30 minutes before serving. Keep in the freezer, or they will fall apart if it gets to warm, as the coconut oil will melt. You can eat them right out of the freezer without breaking your teeth. They actually don't get hard like regular food would (because of the coconut oil).

These two recipes are definitely going to be on my "must make sure I never run out of it" list. I will be trying and posting more recipes shortly. Since I came back to reality after our vacation, I'm also trying to return to our healthy eating habits and will be testing more recipes. With or without the food processor. So keep an eye out for them, if your interested :)

My birthday week

September 16, 2009

* Warning*
This post will be long, and filled with pictures. If your not one for looking at other people's vacation pictures, (or reading about them) this post may not be for you. If it's your thing, then thanks for sticking around!

Like I had mentioned on my last post, my best friend Val surprised me, and flew in the day before my birthday. If this last week is any indication as to what the rest of the year will be like, then turning 29 years old ROCKS!!

First, we went for lunch at a friends place, and then headed out for our hotel room, just before we get to the mountains. We (Val and I) did our toe nails, and hung out with Alban and the kids.
Val's super cool shirt. I just had to take a pic of it for the blog!

Ashton posting on a statue of a bear in the streets of Jasper.

The gondola of Whistler's Mountain, in Jasper. We didn't take it this time.
But we had a picnic for lunch underneath it.

I took this picture above on the way to the Athabasca Falls, (Ab).

We stopped at this place we discovered last time. It's now my favourite spot. Look at that water! Oh, and my daughter's pretty cute too, lol.
Ashton, posing.
Candid picture I took of Val and the kids hanging out.
Our best family picture to date. I just love it.
We spent the day in Jasper, showed Val the Athabasca Falls (which were a bit hit with her), then to Lake Louise and ended the day in Canmore, at a hotel. Well, it was more like a condo. On two levels, 1 1/2 baths, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room with gas fireplace... you get the idea. My only regret is that we didn't get to spend enough time there to enjoy that condo. But we will go back there someday, for sure. It was so worth it.
The next morning, when we woke up in our fabulous room/condo in Canmore, this is the view we had from the parking lot. It was breath taking!

Alban and Ashton at Mount Norquay, in Banff (Ab). We love taking "portraits" there.

Above: The best picture of me the whole trip, and maby even in the past couple years. Alban took it just as we were about to leave too. I'm glad he did!

The trip around the mountains was definitely filled with fun, laughter, smiles, shopping, lots of Ooo's and Ahhh's and whining and sassing from my hungry and tired daughter (what trip would be complete without that!). And lets not forget the Strawberry Shortcake DVD watching, over and over and over. I have yet to let her watch it since we came back. We all had an overdose of the "very berry" talk.

The day after we came back home, Ashton had his first day of school! Well, preschool that is, but it still counts, right?

Ashton doing a cool dude pose outside his school. I don't know where he gets these things. But he LOVES school! He was OK with letting me leave, which SHOCKED me! He's definitely growing!

The next day, we spent at the West Edmonton Mall. (It is or used to be the biggest mall in the world I believe.) We shopped, ate and rode the roller coasters. Yes, there is a roller coaster INSIDE the mall. There is a whole amusement park inside the mall. It's a pretty cool place to hang out for the day. I could not let Val come all the way to visit me, and not take her there. I'm pretty sure this mall is on her "To Do Again" list ;)

On their last day together, before Dad had to go back, the boys were hanging out, playing golf on Play Station. They are so alike, aren't they?

Well, it was an amazing week. So much so, that Val changed her flight to stay an extra 2 days! We went to a friends place for a barbecue, then headed to a baseball field with the kids for our town's annual Movie Night in the Park. We saw up, sitting in lawn chairs, brought our own snacks and dressed warmly. It was so much fun!

Weather we traveled around the province to sight see, or just stayed at home and relaxed in our Jammie's, one thing was for sure: It was an amazing/busy/fun filled week, and the physical distance between Val and I, changed nothing to our friendship. We always pick up right where we left off.

I just want to end by saying a huge thank you to Alban. You are the best and I love you.

(Told you this post would be extra long! )

I had the BEST birthday surprise...

September 10, 2009

Have you ever had a best friend? You know, the kind of friend that you've known since elementary or high school? The kind that has been with you, through thick and thin? The kind that has always been there for you, no matter how close or far you lived apart? Well, I can say

I've been lucky enough to have one of those. Her name is Val.
And SHE was my birthday surprise.
That's right! My amazing hubby and her planned it and she flew in the night before my birthday and surprised me on my doorstep. In fact, she literally walked in less than 30 minutes after I wrote my last post.

I have to say, it's the best birthday surprise/present I could have ever gotten!
And yes, we did still go to the mountains. It was not a cover up, but when we (my hubby and I)were talking about it, I did not know that it would include my best friend too.

The picture above was taken in the gondola on the way to the top of Sulphur Mountain, in Banff, AB.

We've been giggling like teenage girls all week. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention, she was here for a whole week. In fact, she's sitting beside me right now, so I should go pay attention to my guest. But I will be back in a few days and tell you all about touring the mountains and all the other fun stuff.

(Picture taken at the bottom of the Athabasca Falls, outside of Jasper, AB)
THIS, is what real friendship looks like, viewed from the back.

Tomorow is my Birthday and...

September 5, 2009

Photo via pajamasandcoffee.com
I will be 29 years old and I am so excited! 29 is not usually a birthday people get excited about, or even celebrate more than other years. In my case, I have lots to be excited about.
Let me explain. I moved away from home (Montreal) 8 years ago. Away from my family and away from my friends. And Alban has been working "away" since before we even met. So I only celebrated my birthday twice in the last 8 years. Not to mention, this is going to be the first time that I will see him ON my actual birthday, since we met. Oh, and he is on vacation, so how perfect is that?

So both for vacation and for my birthday, he decided that we should go to the mountains for 3 days. Mountains, as in, going around the National Parks in Alberta, where we live. We leave tomorrow sometime in the morning, we will have lunch at a friends place in the city, and then we'll head out for the mountains. Tomorow (Sunday) night in Jasper, Monday night in Banff, and then back home. It will give the kids (mostly Ashton) a day of rest before he starts preschool for the first time, the day after.

It should be amazing, and oh so fun!! Not only am I going to the mountains on my birthday, but I am going to the mountains in the fall! It's my favourite season. Most of my best childhood memories took place in the fall. There was back to school (which I loved), apple picking with my family and then making the best applesauce E-V-E-R with my mom, and some apple crisp as well. There was taking nice walks by the river in the fresh crisp evening air. And lets not forget you can start wearing jeans (or pants) with a long sleeve shirt, and maby a nice scarf if it's a bit too cool for the neck. I know there are lots of nice summer fashions, but what can I say. When you love fall, you love pants and scarves! lol.
Anyways, back to our weekend in the mountains...
We have a plan as to where we should be by night, since we already made our reservations, but other than that, we will be exploring, picture taking (lots, and lots of picture taking), pic-nicking, laughing and enjoying. It's going to be both laid back, and jammed at the same time, I'm sure.

I will post about it when we get back, I promise :)
(I will make sure my batteries on my digital cam will be charged this time!)
Hope you enjoy your long weekend as much as I will!

What to do when you have too much produce in the fridge

September 3, 2009

As my love affair with food has been renewed through eating more purely, it has been very hard to resist buying fresh fruits and veggies (even when I don't need them) this summer! Not to mention I have a good friend with a garden that has been so nice and keeps giving me veggies now and then. (actually, twice this week so far!)

But what do you do with all of it, if you can't eat your way through it all before it goes bad?
You cook, you can, you freeze, you bake, you make, you create.
And that's what I'm in the process of doing. I had this huge bag of peas. We actually ate some the other day, lightly sauteed in olive oil, and cracked black pepper and Himalayan salt. But I found this particular variety pretty tough. The pods were not very tender. So I spent an hour with my son Ashton in the kitchen during Arianne's nap, removing all the peas from the pods. Turns out, he is excellent at doing this without squishing the peas!
That whole bag only made enough to barely fill this bowl. But look at those colors! I love that vibrant shade of green! We simply put them in a freezer bag and off they went into hiding until they are needed.
And here is Ashton showing off his eating skills.
I also had half a HUGE watermelon left in the fridge. It had been there for a few days already. We ate our way through the first half, but we were all getting tired of eating watermelon slices. Then, I had an idea. I have a melon baller, but never actually used it. Why not make watermelon balls, and freeze them!

I put them on a plate and into the freezer for a couple of hours. Once they were froze, I put them in a freezer bag as well. And you only need to move them around gently in the bag, if a few of them get stuck together. I was surprised at how easy they were to take apart.

All you need to do, when you're craving a taste of summer, or want to cool off during one of the last hot summer days of September, is pop one into your mouth. They quickly have a "slushy" texture.
Now that I'm left with half a watermelon full of holes, what to do with the rest? Why, watermelon sorbet of course!

Watermelon sorbet

I took 5 cups of watermelon, 1 Tbsp of unpasteurized local honey, and about 1-2 Tbsp fresh lemon or lime juice. Put everything into the blender, and blend until there are no chunks left. You will literally have watermelon juice. I tasted it at this step, and I could definitely drink it just like that! But, I put it all in a container, closed the lid, and sent it to the freezer overnight.

When you scoop it out, it has the texture of a snow cone (if you know what that is, depending on what part of the world you are in), or a slushy. Here, I served it to Ashton in a bowl, but it melted into complete juice in about 10 minutes because he took too long to eat it. So next time, I'm going to "shave" the sorbet into a glass and serve it with a straw for a healthy slushy!

Note: If you store either the watermelon balls and the watermelon sorbet in a deep freezer, it might be too hard to serve right away. I had to leave my sorbet on the counter for about 15 minutes to be able to scoop it out.

Those watermelon treats are just as fun to make as they are to eat!

How my Wednesday went...

This afternoon, Ashton was telling me this made up story, over and over again.

Ashton: The ball went over the "ban" and then landed on the other side and it went boom!

Me: You mean over the van?

Ashton: No Mom, over the "ban"!

Me: Ashton, what's a ban?

Ashton: It's a kind of "shin dig".

Me: Bwahahahaha. Where does this kid get these things from?!

After supper:

Usually after they are done eating supper, they play together very well. So I decided to get up to date on some blogs I follow. Then the phone rang, and I talked for about 15 minutes. I could hear the kids, there was no scary silence, so I thought I was safe.... NOT!

I turn around, only to find the clean clothes (that I had left in the basket to fold later) all over the living room floor. I start cleaning the mess.

As I'm cleaning, Ashton decides to try and make his toy hepikaker (that's how he says helicopter) fly. So really, he threw the toy from across the room, at the little kids table in the kitchen, it landed against Arianne's full glass of soy milk and then I had a puddle to clean on their table AND the floor.

As I'm sponging milk off the floor, Arianne comes to me with the handle of her toy basket from her room. The one that contains all her "babies" and stuffed animals. Seems she had been IN the basket and Ashton tried to tow her around and pulled the material handle right off.

As I go into her room to pick up all the stuffies from the floor and put them in a now partly broken basket, I discover an empty snack bowl on her bedroom floor, along with some peas (out of the pod) they were supposed to have snacked on earlier.

In the mean time, Ashton gets hungry again (darn growth spurts) and asks me for some watermelon slices. I put a bunch of them in a plate, on their now clean again little kids table (which is in the kitchen). I came back from Arianne's room with the peas to put them in the garbage, only to find Ashton sitting on the couch, with a slice of watermelon.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Make it stop!!!

Me: Ashton, get off the couch with the watermelon. You can't eat that there! It's either in the kitchen, or you don't get any at all.

Ashton: Why? (favourite question of the past 6 months)

Me: Because it's messy!

Ashton: Why?

Me: Because I said so!

Is it bedtime yet???

Summer recap and Strawberry Pops tutorial

September 1, 2009

I can't believe it's September already! That means that my favourite season, fall, is about to start, and so is the fun!
Sure, we had lots of fun this summer, we tried camping as a family for the first time (and got rained on all night, while in a leaky tent), I took the kids to the beach, we had LOTS of play dates with friends, went to the mountains for a quick weekend getaway, golfed as a family and did a few trips to visit my sister-in-law, her hubby and my 2 nephews. (my kids love going there).
But I don't deal with summer too well in general. I had 2 heat strokes in the past 2 weeks alone (thankfully the one from last night was mild). I also have an allergy to the sun/heat, which means that when it gets really hot, I can't even take my kids out for walks or go to the park, or I get insane rashes. We actually spent quite a bit of time inside this summer :(
Right now, it's still extremely hot here. And that reminds me about these strawberry pops we did weeks (maby even a month) ago and forgot to write a post about it.
I got the idea from Nature Mom's Blog. You can read her post about it HERE. I told my kids we were going to do an edible craft... and that peaked their curiosity right away.

Strawberry Pops Tutorial
(it's my first tutorial, so please forgive me until I get the hang of this)

First, you need strawberries, plain yogurt, and some toppings of your choice. We used slivered almonds and unsweetened organic shredded coconut.

Then, you put a couple of strawberries on skewers and let the kids dip them in yogurt to coat the berries.

Sprinkle your toppings onto your dipped berries and then freeze for about 10 minutes.


OK, so truth is, we had to use stir sticks (for drinks) because the skewers we had were too thin and the berries would not hold in place. So that's tip #1. And though my kids loved doing this edible craft, only my son ate it. My daughter hates getting herself dirty. She managed to help making this without making a mess, but could not figure out how to eat it without getting some all over her face and hands. I don't even think she ate a whole berry. But it was fun. And Ashton sure enjoyed the whole process.

So if like us, your still enjoying some of the last hot days of "summer" (even though school is started), this might just be the perfect no fuss, fun, easy, edible activity to do with your kids.

Note: I will write another post this week to tell you why fall is my favourite season. I have the feeling there is going to be lots of pictures and fun stuff to talk about this September! Stay tuned!

A big moment in a little boy's life...

And once again he's not wearing pants for the picture... but who cares? He's got a new bike!
I got a picture on my mobile with a text from Dad saying, "Can I buy it for him?" I don't know who was more excited. Dad to give it to Ashton, or Ashton coming to the realization that the bike was for him when his dad came home.

That is one happy boy! The only problem... he didn't have a helmet yet. So he rode his bike in the apartment (we live on the 3rd floor) for 2 days until we made it to the city to buy him a helmet. And yes, it drove me crazy!!! Do you know how annoying it is to have a toddler ride a little bike around the house and through the kitchen all day, for 2 days straight? Oh, wait! Of course you don't. Because NO parent in their right minds would let their kids ride inside!

And as soon as we got back, I took him outside for a "test drive". (The expression really applies here, since it's a Lightning McQueen bike, ha! It even has a battery operated "bell": it sounds like an engine revving. It's adorable)

He was SO good riding it! He was completely in control of his bike, even when turning, or going on and off the sidewalk. A natural!
At least now the bike never has to come back in :)
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