A much needed nap

August 17, 2009

Yesterday was my friends daughter's 2nd birthday party. Our daughters are great friends, and if I may say so, she would be my girl's very best friend (if you can say that of 2 year old's?). The party was outside in her yard, the weather was great, the kids had so much fun. And then we came home, had a healthy snack of fruits because we were all hungry for some reason (not for the lack of food at the party, there was enough food to fill a small army :).

And then my son sat on the couch to "rest" because he was tired. No more than 5 minutes later he fell asleep. It was only 5:30 pm. So I carried him to his bed, as I knew there was no way I would be able to wake him up for a long while. At that point, I had been feeling very exhausted myself. I thought a little rest would be nice, so I put a DVD in for my daughter and.... I woke up an hour later! I was planning on resting, not sleeping.

I was quite panicked since I did not know where my daughter was in the apartment. Everything was too quiet and that scared me. I went to step off the couch and there she was. Sleeping on the floor beside me!

Seems everyone needed a good nap. A bit late in the day for one, but definitely much needed!

In case your wondering, my son woke up at 8:30pm... 3 hours later. Needless to say, i didn't get him in bed until 11:30 last night because of this. At least everyone is rested this morning, no cranky kids, but we are all a bit sluggish this morning. (Proof: it's 10:30 am and we are all still in our Jammie's, lol) I think today is going to be a "stay at home and do crafts" kinda day.

Here are a few pics taken last week of the kids while visiting my in-laws.

I love this pic, like father like son. They could not be more alike if they tried!

I hope you all had a good weekend!? Stephanie xx


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