My kind of fast food

August 5, 2009

Who says fast food has to mean junk food?

I woke up feeling better this morning and had to run to the store for a few things. But since we had a slow and lazy start, by the time we got ready to go and ran our errands, it's was just about lunch time and the kids were starved.

I certainly did not have time to cook an elaborate meal, and I could have easily opted for one of the few fast food/junk food restaurants in my small town. But instead, I just went home with the kids and a couple grocery bags full of fruits, veggies ,nuts and cheese bread, a favourite to my kids and I lately. (ok, I know, not exactly healthy, but it tastes SO good)

So this is what I put together for our lunch, and it only took me about 3 minutes to make 3 plates.
(sorry for the sideways pic, I'm not sure what's up with that)

Cheese bread, cucumber, hummus, carrots, raw almonds and raw cashews, strawberries and blueberries. A meal ready so quickly cuts down on time listening to the kids say "I'm hungry" or "is it ready yet", lol.

We still eat meat sometimes here, but my kids are still too small to eat a sandwich. They would just take it apart anyways, so here is what I did. Cuke, nuts, rolled turkey, strawberries, dried cranberries and rolled tortilla with cream cheese.

This one I made last week and it was so darn good. Could be because of the avocado in there. They are one of my favourite! And the blueberries are in season, so I am taking full advantage of that! Here, if your wondering what's on the top right corner of these plates, it's half a "granola bars". (I am never buying these again by the way. They are way to processed and I'm not sure what's in them that my son reacts to, but I don't feel the need to find out. He was very hyper active after that. So yeah, they are not coming back in my house) And the bottom is yogurt.

All these meals or any meals similar to these can be made so quickly. Homemade definitely beats the restaurant AND it's cheaper.

Weather you have section plates like these or not, it does not matter. I am planning on doing it buffet style next time. Put all the food "options" in bowls on the table and let the kids choose what and how much they want on their plates, and let them plate it themselves.
If all they have to choose from is healthy food, then they cant make a bad choice. And that's for us parents to know, and them never to find out :)
Stephanie xx


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