My commitment to myself

August 8, 2009

Today, I feel like crap.

Why sugar code it, it's the truth.

I tried to write a post about why I am feeling so, um, unhealthy right now, but it was a mile long. Yeah, it really was that long. So I guess to make a long story a bit shorter, I fell off my eating habit wagon in the past month. BIG TIME!

During the past school year, I have been working part time in the mornings and it's been giving us a great routine. But my job is seasonal and I get the summers off. This was my first year working since becoming a mom. A stay at home mom. This new routine was not just about waking up and getting dressed before noon, lol. But also meant I was drinking a green smoothie for breakfast and a green tea to go at work. I was only drinking my 1 coffee a day right after lunch. I was having a lot of raw foods through the day, barely ate meat and it was mostly chicken or salmon, and rarely any junk food (I love licorice, chocolate, any candy really) On weekends, I'd have oatmeal for breakfast, but the rest of the day was the same really.

Now, I have oatmeal for breakfast everyday, but used to feel so much better when I'd start with a green smoothie. I have a coffee in the morning AND in the afternoon, and sometimes a third one. I'm out at stores more often, so I buy junk more often. And I stopped drinking green tea for almost a month. These few and small changes really add up! And now it's like the effects hit me all at once. I really don't feel good today: headaches, fatigue, indigestion, nausea, cramps, etc. My body is speaking to me loud And clear.

So I am making these commitments to myself:

I am quitting coffee by the end of next week. I will miss the ritual more than the coffee itself. But I'll just have to replace it with green tea again. My body will thank me later!

I am going back to green smoothies for breakfast. No matter what. If I want oatmeal that bad, I'll just eat it for lunch or supper, lol.

No more red meat, my body is yelling at me it can't digest it when I have it. And possibly no meat at all anymore.

I am going back to stocking up on fresh produce so I wont even want to binge on junk artificial foods anymore. I used to barely ever miss it, and now I know why they say sugar is addictive. It's because it is! If I have TONS of produce on hand, I can reach for juicy strawberries, or some watermelon if I crave something sweet.

I am leaving tomorrow for 3 days to visit some family, but I am not going to use it as an excuse to start later. I am using this opportunity as a challenge to stick to my goals and start them on the day that I will be going away. Show myself how strong I can be to stick to my goals, even if it means I'm eating differently than everyone else around me.

I loved the dietary lifestyle I had, because I felt the best I had ever felt. So doing everything I can to return to that, is a no brainer. I just can't believe that I let myself fall off the wagon AND did not notice until the wagon was miles in front of me. Haha, at this point, running to the wagon would not be a bad idea either, I could use the exercise! lol.

(By the way, this post ended up at least half as long as the original, told you it was that long! lol)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Peace, love and veggies. (as Kriss Carr would say :)
Stephanie xx


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