Beware of the silence

August 6, 2009

If you have kids, you know that when you don't hear them is when you should go see what they are up to. Sometimes, it's nothing bad, they are actually just being good and playing. But other times, well, not so much.

Last night, after supper, my kids went and played together in their rooms, as they usually do. For some reason, this is the time of the day that they get along the best on average.

Anyways, my son kept running back and forth from the kitchen (where I was) to his room, talking about his special work project (he's into pretending he has "a work" as he calls it). So I thought, OK, he's just playing pretend, no big deal.

And then things got quiet. And I got worried. What was I going to find out.

Here is the answer to that:

He had neatly lined up almost every toy he owned. Vertical line, and a couple horizontal lines of toys as well. OK, so I did not get mad this time, because I thought it was kinda cute. And it was a lot easier to clean that the usual messes he makes.

He's into "piling". You know, taking every toy in the house, and piling it all under a bed, or into a closet. That kind of piling. The kind of mess hard to reach and to clean up. So this was not even half as bad. I just let him keep playing pretend until bath time and cleaned it up while he was in the tub.

Surprise! I missed half of it! I went to put him in bed shortly after and found that 3/4 of all his AND his sister's books were "piled" and hiding under his blankets in his bed.

OK, still not that bad, but you should sill beware of the silence because you never know.

What kind of things have you caught your kids doing when things got quiet?
I would love to know!
Stephanie xx


Anonymous said...

I love this! A couple of weeks ago my youngest two were playing so quietly together i decided to sit in the garden for a few minutes...hmm, too quiet as moments later my little girl strolled in and handed me huge fistfuls of her hair...they had found the scissors in my desk and gone for the chop. She had taken chunks out of the back and her lovely long hair had been turned into a back-to-front mullet! I had to call my hairdresser for emergency work and it is now a short bob. So fear the silence!

Stephanie on August 11, 2009 at 9:51 AM said...

Oh no,not the hair! I'm so scared this will happen to her someday too. I LOVE my daughter's hair,long and curly... I would cry for a week if her brother cut it! I'm glad to hear your hairdresser was able to give her a cute new bob though. I agree with you, fear the silence. For sure!

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