Afternoon delight

August 6, 2009

It's been cool and overcast all day, and though I woke up very rested and in a good mood this morning, we have been feeling very mellow ALL day. Proof, it's 3pm and neither of my kids are wearing pants yet, lol.

I was in the mood for a comforting, warm feeling snack this afternoon and this is what I went for.

I had "Raspberry Chocolate Bliss" tea (great name, right?) and Sheri's Very Vegan Chocolate Chippie Hippie Spelt Cookies (from Green and Crunchy). It was just what I needed!

And my kids were drawing while I was enjoying my snack from heaven.

See, I told you, no pants! lol.

That short quiet moment spent enjoying a tasty snack, a tea that tastes like a fine and expensive piece of chocolate, and watching my kids draw together peacefully, made me realise that the little moments in life are just as important than the bigger things in life. You just have to stop and smell the raspberry chocolate tea to notice them sometimes.

Stephanie xx


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