July 20, 2009

If your still hesitating on jumping on the "green bandwagon", then here is something that will probably make you want to dive in head first.

These particular glass straws are from Strawsome. (There are a few company's out there that make them) They are SO stylish. Tiffany over at nature moms blog just posted about them. She has some for her family and I must say I'm a bit jealous ;) (She is also doing a giveaway, so go check out her blog :)

Over the past year, I bought a few different kinds of plastic straws to basically "bribe" my kids into either drinking some green smoothies (and smoothies are too thick for most straws by the way), or trying to get my daughter to use a glass or cup, instead of a sippy cup. But how many straws did I end up sending to the landfill in the process? At least couple hundred, I am sure. I even got some cheap "swirly" straws from the dollar store and wash and reuse them.... and eventually trow them away because they are so hard to clean. Plus, who knows where they were made and what kind of chemicals were in that cheap plastic?

Now, straws that are better for the environment, reusable, easy to wash (they come with a special brush) AND are this beautiful, makes the decision a no-brainer to me. I am never buying plastic straws again. And with those, I am sure I'll get my kids interested in any kind of special beverage, weather it's green smoothies, fresh pressed juice or just plain 'ole water.

I need to order some very soon...

Wouldn't YOU want to be seen sipping on one of these?


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