Our mini vacation

July 9, 2009

We have been back from our mini-vacation for a few days now. 2 back to back road trips with the kids with only one night at home in between made for alot of laundry and a big mess to clean up at home. So it had been a bit busy around here, but I think I'm back on top of things now. As on top of things I can be I suppose. People who know me personally, know I have a big tendency to be very disorganized. But that's a story for another day :)

First, I took the kids by myself for our first road trip without dad. We went to visit their Auntie. They had SO MUCH FUN!!! She has a huge yard and lives outside of town, so they played outside all day long, everyday.

They helped their Auntie to replant some plants.
And they had some yummy Popsicles.
They drove around the yard in their cousins Silverado.

And then there was their first car accident... Oh no!

Baby Girl was probably thinking it was safer to walk at this point, ha ha.

Here is my little guy fixing his truck by "checking the oil".

OK, the truck is all fixed now, lets go for another drive!

We all had a really good time, but it went by so fast! Hopefully we get to go back again sometime this summer. It was definitely a welcomed change of pace from our 3rd floor home and trips to the park. I love the happy look in their faces. There is nothing like the great outdoors to make kids happy!


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