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July 19, 2009

I have been wondering how to improve my favourite recipes both nutritionally and flavor wise in the past week.

I really liked my Pina Colada smoothie (blogged about it here), but it's not something I'd want to drink daily or every couple days even. I don't eat yogurt very often anymore and I found it so heavy on the stomach that it was actually giving me indigestion all through the night. (Could be because I had too much of it, as I am used to having a very large glass of green smoothie, daily)

Gotta listen to your body sometimes!

So I "greened" it up: omitted the yogurt, and replaced with TONS of spinach, and added a bit more pineapple. It was divine! And, alot easier to digest! And now it's vegan, so no matter what your eating preferences are, anyone can have one of those!

Here are my applesauce oatmeal cookies. OK, so a cookie is a cookie. It's a sweet treat. It's not health food, I know that. I did not try to add spinach to it :)

But going through some old recipes from when I would eat full fat and full sugar versions, I remembered that these oatmeal cookies I used to make, also had some grated orange rind (peel) in it, and they were A-MA-ZING! So I whipped out a batch an hour ago, added the rind of a clementine (did not have any oranges), and they were even better. These are dangerously good! And I find that since I add flax to the original recipe and organic shredded coconut, they are more filling and more tender.

A must try if you ask me!
I like that I no longer use a cup of butter for a batch of oatmeal cookies.
My arteries are thanking me!

Let me know how you like them if you decide to try these recipes, please. I would love some feedback :)

Stephanie xx


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