Mini-vacation (Part 2)

July 12, 2009

For the second part of our mini-vacation, Alban was home on days off. So we went camping to Jasper (Alberta, Canada) for 1 night...well, that was the plan. It did not exactly work out as we thought. First, it was over cast and a bit rainy. Second, every single campground in the whole Jasper National Park was

full. And we thought since it's a ski town, that it would low season. Umm... not so much. Apparently,
summer is high season. We found out because all the streets were packed with tourists and hotels and motel prices were ridiculously expensive. We stayed in Jasper this past Christmas and it was half the price. So we ended up back tracking an hour to find a hotel room in another town, outside the National Park. And the next morning, we did not go back to Jasper, but simply headed back home.

BUT, while we were there, we went to the Athabasca Falls (which I love) and walked all the way down the path to the river bank and took some awesome pictures of the kids and some of the kids and I. Sorry, no pictures to post of the falls or us, because my batteries died for my digital camera. Thank goodness I never go on a trip without my manual camera as well.

Alban loves to drive on "new" roads just to explore and does it every now and then. I usually don't like doing that because he seems to have a knack for finding the most twisty windy roads, tight spots and the "Oh my God we are going to get stuck" paths. And this time was no different. But I am glad he did it during that trip. The pictures above were taken while on that road. We have been to Jasper 3 times before, but had never drove up that road and wow! We were not sure where it would take us, but we kept driving. I think there was only 1-2 stretches that were straight. The rest of the time was just turns and judging by the mountains around us, we soon realized that we were heading UP.

On the top right picture, you can see a part of the mountain that is really snowy. Well, it's actually a glacier! And this is what it looked like from the "almost end of the road". (almost because my batteries died just before we got to the end).

There was even a parking lot at the end of the road and there was people hiking all the way to the glacier. I cant wait to go back when the kids are older so I can go for a walk up there and then I can say I've walked on a glacier!

And this is the only picture on my digital cam with people on it. I just love it. It's going in a frame in our living room for sure!

I am dreaming already of our next Jasper vacation...


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