It's been a hot and busy week

July 26, 2009

It's been a hot and busy week: 3 play dates in 2 days, running errands, Daddy coming home from work for his days off (he works away) and a crazy amount of heat and humidity!

We've been having fun though!

The first real hot day, the kids were just melting. So I got them ready for some wet fun and let them go crazy with water guns, a bowl of water and some containers on the balcony.

When you don't have a yard, you do what you gotta do!

And they were very happy, but hot!

Then when Daddy got home, we decided to try golfing as a family. He's been trying to get me into golfing for years and I never had any desire for it. I actually had only played twice, before our oldest was 1 yo. And I did not enjoy it that much, because at that point, I was not enjoying being without my baby.
So anyways, we decided to try it as a family. Our son even has his own set of Jr. clubs that we got him last year and he's pretty good at it, considering he's not even 4.
I was hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. And to my surprise, EVERYONE had fun!

We will be going as a family again before the end of summer, that's for sure. It was awesome!
Then a couple days later, Daddy took our son to the driving range for some father/son time. That meant that my baby girl and I got to have girl time. But I was not in the mood to go anywhere, I was so exhausted.
So I decided to bake some cookies with her. (even if it was really hot) Every time I bake, her brother wants to help with everything and never gives her a chance to have a turn, or he gets mad!
This time, she got to help me with the whole recipe! It made her so happy and she kept saying :"I big girl!"
Then, we made some Smoothie Popsicles.

She got to help again and she loved it. Actually, even if she is a year and a half younger than her big brother, she takes direction a lot better. She listens to everything I tell her, and never have to repeat twice.

AND she's so careful no to make a mess... bonus! Ha!

Ta Da!!! See what we made!


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