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June 25, 2009

I just found one of the most visually yummy site I have ever seen. I was reading over on Kimberlee's blog at Brown Button and she was talking about the cupcake courier she had just bought. I had never seen one before, or even heard of it. Here is what a cupcake courier is:

How practical is that? If you bake cupcakes, of course. But even if you don't, I bet it makes you want to start, now does it?! They have them in white, blue, pink, and two shades of yellow. You can check out the side here.
They also have some "cup-a-cake" for transporting individual cupcakes, for a kids lunch for example. they come in so many yummy colours too! I know, I know, I'm starting to use the word yummy allot in this post. But really, they just look so decadent, colorful and...yummy :)
While I was browsing the website, I started day dreaming. All those pretty colors and girly things made me think of a tea party. I don't remember playing tea party when I was little, but maby I did. And I have never been to a real one as an adult either. However, I do remember, once when I was maby around 12 or so, my mom made tea for me as well as for her this one time. She even took out these almond flavoured cookies, and set them on a pretty plate. We had tea together at the kitchen table and I remember really having fun and enjoying spending that special time with her.
So anyway, back to my day dreaming...
I was thinking, what if I could host a tea party. Of course, I would have cupcakes that I would have previously made myself, just so I could use my cupcake courier (that I don't actually own). I would serve some tiny sandwiches, because isn't all food tiny at tea parties? (cupcakes=mini cake) I would also have done my hair very simply, but pretty, and would wear a simple dress. Black, or white. And on top of my dress, I would maby wear one of these:

Because they are pretty and girly enough to wear as a dress, but there would be some issues when I turn around, so I think wearing a simple dress under would be more appropriate ;) Now, what you do on your own time, is your business, hehehe! (sorry, mind out of gutter, back to tea party)

These are just a few things I would leave laying around the kitchen or on the patio table outside, to add a splash of color. One the left, are cupcake toppers. But you could also just use them as a table decoration if you wanted to. (I could so see my daughter having those on her cupcakes for her next birthday!)

These beautiful lanterns would be hanging from the trees in my equally beautiful yard (that I don't have. Apartment, remember?) And I would give all my guests these beautiful star sugars as party favors, so they can enjoy them at home and reminisce about how great the tea party was and what fun we all had!

Thanks for coming! (and for playing along :)
Note: Sorry about the strange layout, this blog is not cooperating with me today.


Beach Vintage on June 25, 2009 at 6:25 PM said...

I adore this post. Well done. Love the polka lanterns.

mom seeks life on June 26, 2009 at 3:45 AM said...

Me too - it's a lovely post and I am hoping to have a tea party in the garden for Bea's 4th birthday with all pretty garden lanterns and mini food. Thanks for some lovely ideas!

Melinda said...

Can I come to your tea party? I will wear a pretty dress too! I love it, I never really thought of having a tea party before, but wouldn't it be so nice to go back to the times when things were simple, around a table full of old teddy bears (some with one eye - I just couldn't really let him go!)and having a tea party.

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