Thrifting away

June 28, 2009

I decided to visit my local thrift store for the first time last Tuesday. I don't know why I had never been there before. I've lived in this town for 2 years, and I love a good bargain. I came across these goodies pictured on the left. (minus a sweater for my daughter that I forgot to add in the picture. That was it, I was hooked!

I Iwent back when they were opened again on Friday, because it turns out that my nephew is into these Goosebumps books that I had seen on Tuesday. Luckily, they were still there and I snatched all 10 of them, for a mere $2.50. Yes, that's right, the price was for ALL of them, not each! And the pooh book was for my Baby Girl and chalk for both my kids. I was so excited!

Also, a couple weeks ago, a friend of mine was having a yard sale and I got these as well. The bucket is a 100 pieces wood blocks and my kids LOVE them!!! And so do I. I now have a new love affair with wood toys. They are the best, and definitely tough enough for a rambuncious 3 year old boy! Weather it's a thrift store, or a yard sale, I believe I will be going more often from now on, just like I used to a long time ago. Who knows, maby mama will find a second hand juicer, food processor or dehydrator I've been really wanting?

And here is a few more things that I found at the new kids consignment store that just opened near my home. The coloring book is a Giant floor coloring pad. We had a few of them before and it always kept my kids really busy. But they are around $8-9 and I got this (unused) one for $4. My kids definitely don't need anything else for a long while, since they already had alot of toys, but I could not pass this up! Especially books, you can never go wrong with books. It actually made them EXTRA interested in their books again. And they are constantly asking me to read to them now, not just at night time anymore. I think that's great. Before, I would try to read to them during the day , either to fill up our day, or to calm them down, and they would not sit still. Now, they demand it, and it's fine by me!

And here is a picture that I took of my Baby Girl this evening. Not only do I read to her before bed every night, but once I leave her room, she keeps going through her books, looking at the pictures. I just thought it was so cute that she "read" until she fell asleep! But what you cant see, is the huge pile of books on the floor by her bed that she apparently took out to look at after I left her room.
And when they outgrow their books, we will "re-donate" them to the thrift store. Because at 25 cents a piece they charge, it's worth supporting the community, and my wallet.


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