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June 23, 2009

I am writing this post just to clear a few things up. It seems lately, everyone is either curious about what/how I eat, or is worried that I am depriving myself of important nutrients.

So here it is: I eat some of everything! I really do. I went vegetarian twice in the last year, but I am eating meat again for the moment. Not alot of it, but every few days I would say. I started learning about the raw food lifestyle a few months ago and have been hungry for learning about it as much as I can since (pun intended). I have learned alot about nutrition thanks to reading about raw foods, even lost some weight in the process (14 lbs to be exact, without really trying hard). I also buy more organic produce than before... well, ok. I did not buy any organic anything before. But I have come to the conclusion that a raw vegan diet, just would not work for me at this time. Maby some day, but definately not now. (for information about raw foods, if your curious, just go to one of the many raw blogs that I follow, listed on the side of my blog, for information, recipes and pictures).

Raw foods have taught me about green smoothies though, something I have everyday. It's just the perfect way for me to start my day, after a glass of lemon water. A couple times a week, I might have organic oatmeal, with flax, maple syrup, raisins and hemp hearts instead.

  • Morning snack, a few raw almonds or raw cashews and some water.
  • Lunch might be some cooked chicken and a salad, or some pasta followed by some fresh fruit.
  • I always have an afternoon snack, and lately, that tends to be a coffee, or chai tea with a homemade muffin or cookie. I try to bake some vegan and low fat versions to keep the calories down. I also almost always add things like ground flax, or hemp to my baking to up the nutritional content.
  • And then supper depends on how hungry I am, and weather or not I had my smoothie for breakfast. It may be a soup and a slice of bread, or a green smoothie and a sandwich.
Of course, not all my days go so well. When Alban is home on days off, we tend to go to the city more and I do eat some junk food. (aka McD, and such). But since I started eating this way, I started being more aware of what my body has maby trying to tell me all these years. Now, when I eat red meat, no matter how small a portion, I have BAD indigestion for about 12 hours. And when I say indigestion, I mean my body hurts! So I don't eat any red meat anymore, it's just not worth that kind of pain. Also if I'm going to eat some chicken nuggets and such, I will have a side salad or baked potato with it and definitely no pop. Too much fried food all at once, has the same effect on me as red meat, and I'm not a fan of pop anyways. I guess my body has made it easier for me to make better choices in that department!

I may have "cleaned-up" my eating habits in that department, but I am still a sugar junkie. I love sugar. I have a really big sweet tooth. If I knew which tooth it was, I would go to the dentist to have it pulled out in a heart beat! lol. I have a Nibs fetish. Not the little pieces, but the long strands of nibs. Once a month, I just cant help myself, my hormones take over my brain and say, go buy the 400g bag and try to eat it all! Ha! I would usually feel not so good after eating such a huge amount of licorice, but lately, I actually cannot eat the whole bag. I just cant. It now lasts me 2 days instead of 2 hours. Now that is progress! Haha!
But here is another reason I am so interested in raw foods. They have "truly healthy" versions of sweet desert and cookies. Yes, you heard that right. Truly healthy. As in, no flour or processed sugar. Not even dairy or processed soy foods (soy cream cheese or tofu). And nothing needs to be cooked, how cool is that! Like ice cream made with raw cashew as a base, and things added to it to make it into chocolate ice cream. Or "cheesecake" also made with a base of raw nuts and other healthy ingredients. Dates, honey and/or agave nectar are used for sweeteners. I'm not sure how any of those recipes taste like, and although I'm sure "raw cheesecake" does not taste exactly like the real deal, if it taste sweet and yummy, and can actually look like cheesecake, then I'm all for it! As soon as I get a food processor, I will be able to make most of the raw desert recipes I see out there and I will let you all know how it turns out. And I will tell the truth, no matter the results!
Sorry, I got a bit carried away talking about food. That's nothing new, ha! So here are some recent example of what I ate:
This was tonight's supper. Zucchini cakes topped with plain yogurt, roasted baby potatoes and a salad.

Blueberry "green" smoothie (aka fruit and loads of spinach), and a avocado-tomato sandwich on artisan grainery bread.

Top left, clockwise: goji berries, grainery bread with a bit of margarine, cucumber and ztaziki sauce(not sure how to spell that), sugar snap peas and vegetarian "chicken stuffed with cheese and ham".

Spring mix salad with apple and walnuts and olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing (I had a strawberry green smoothie with it, it's just now showing in the picture)

So, here you have it. I am not starving and I think I eat enough of everything to make sure that I get all the vitamins and minerals I need. I even take a multi vitamin and omega supplements everyday. I dont think eating like this is for every one. For someone on a raw vegan diet, they would think I eat way too much "crap", and someone that eats more of a standard american diet, might think I eat really healthy. All I know is that this is at least 10 times better than how I was eating 6 months ago. To each his own. You have to do what works for you, at the point in life where you are at. I am loosing weight, my grocery bill is going down because I buy less meat than before, my skin is glowing, and I have more energy than I've had in a long time. (I seem to need less sleep). Now, if only I had a yard so I could grow my own veggies, that would be great! And easier on my wallet!
Note: I will keep posting recipes here, because I think it's fun to share recipes with people I care about. And most people I know, enjoy cooking/baking and are always on the lookout for new things to eat!


Anonymous said...

I found this post realy interesting. I love food and cooking healthily and like yu, have junk food days but mainly my body craves healthier stuff now. I was vege for 10 years but when I was pregnant with my eldest I started eating chicken again but I haven't eaten red meat for almost 20 years now and I don't miss it at all. I use Quorn as a replacement for mince in bolognaise etc but i don't know if you get that in America. And i love, love, love a vege burger with lots of salad. Your evening meal picture looked delish - i would love to eat all of that! Still not brave enough to mix spinach into my smoothies though...maybe one day..!
Thanks for this post and i would always be interested in more recipes.

Sheri (Green & Crunchy) on June 24, 2009 at 9:26 AM said...

Great post, Stephanie! It's great that you've made so many dietary changes in just 6 months -- good for you!

Gotta like when you're losing weight and feeling great, with glowing skin and lots of energy -- yay for great food! that's how I feel too, on my high raw vegan diet :)

Am enjoying your blog!
Peace ,

Stephanie on June 24, 2009 at 6:15 PM said...

Wow, thanks for the great comments you two! It's so flattering to know that the two authors of the blogs I enjoy most are reading mine too :)

I was debating for a while weather or not to post about this, was not sure if anyone would be interested. But I guess that's the beauty of blogs, you can write about whatever your little heart desires. And mine is becoming more and more passionate about nutrition, so I might as well talk about it too!

Thanks again for the great comments!

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