June 4, 2009

Poor little blog, I have SO neglected you lately!

I have just been crazy busy in the past week. My hubby was on days off from work, so of course he monopolized the computer while he was home, lol. But I've also been busy with play dates with friends, and alot of them. Also went for a few walks with the kids, mornings or afternoons at the park, and went for ice cream too (frozen yogurt actually, since my son and I are both lactose intolerant). So I guess I can say I have been busy having fun!

Today I went to the city with the kids to go shopping...grocery shopping that is. I always loved grocery shopping, I find it very relaxing. As long as the kids are not with me. But when they are with me, I find it as pleasant as "getting a root canal"! But when food supplies are running low at home, you gotta do what you gotta do. I could have just stayed in my town and go to one of the 2 grocery stores that we have here, but I decided to drive 45 minutes to the city to get groceries there because of the larger selection of organic foods. I know it sounds really silly, but I find that my son doesn't "react" as much when he eats organic cereals or crackers. Sugary cereals and "processed" crackers make him so hyperactive, it's extremely unpleasant to be around him.

So I'm going to go ahead right now and admit that I am turning into such a "nutrition dork", but I'm ok with that, ha! I got excited about stocking my fridge and fruit bowl with fresh produce, and I mean lots of it! Cukes, tomatoes, portobella mushrooms, sugar snap peas, organic spinach, blackberries, cantaloupes, bananas, avocado's, mango.... I think I got a little carried away. Well then again, maby not. I probably will need to buy more in a week, even if it's just me and the kids at home. We are just crazy about our produce here lately! I also got a bunch of organic snacks: crackers, cookies, granola bars... Whatever keeps my little guy in his "normal state", is worth it to me.

So that's my story for now. I should go now because it's getting late and I still have a few things to clean up around the house. Going to have another play date/lunch here with my friend tomorrow (more fun!) Oh and then Saturday, the kids and I are going to a birthday party...and Sunday I believe another friend of mine and her daughter may be coming here. I'll try to find some time to post again in the midst of all this fun and busy times. Oh, and I also have to find time to stop by the health food store and pick up a few things. It's my favourite place to shop lately...I'm telling you, nutrition dork! I'm a dork and I'm proud of it!

Have a great night everyone and I'll post again soon! More recipes to follow soon by the way, so keep an eye open for them!


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