Girl's night out!

June 21, 2009

I just HAVE to talk about what I did last Friday night... I had a girl's night out! Grant it, there was just two of us, but it still counts, right? My friend Lina wanted to go out for a few drinks, so we went to the bar at Boston Pizza (I live in a small town, so there is not allot of places to go out).

I had just bought this summer dress that same afternoon and was dying to find an excuse to wear it. So I got all dressed up, even straighten my hair and all.

We had a great time! I think we were only out for two hours. But I got to have a drink, a little something to eat, and lets not forget, great conversation without getting interrupted by my kids.
And can I just add, that this night was possible thanks to my incredible boyfriend! Not only did he stay home with the kids (thought they were in bed), while Lina and I were out, but he also babysat Lina's daughter since her plan for a babysitter fell through. Now that is a great night!


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