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May 1, 2009

I had been feeling really lost since becoming a mom, but even more in the past few months. I had not had a haircut in 10 months, gained weight, and did not even have a hobby anymore.

Then, I got my hair chopped off (about 8 inches)... this was the beginning, of, well, a new beginning! I have been feeling lighter, happier and I smile more. I lost weight without trying and now I'm starting to fit back into my summer clothes (just in time too!). I've been getting LOTS of compliments lately and it feels great!

I have this great purple scarf (it's actually a sarong) that I've owned for 10 years and NEVER worn until last week. I was always a bit of a hippie in college, went to art school , wore sarongs and scarfs all the time and always considered myself a bit of a free spirit... And I thought, this is still me! It's still what I like and who I am, so why not dress the part. And it worked!

Now that I am starting to dress and look like the old me again, I even want to start doing the things I used to like. I am constantly taking pictures now, and want to do a painting for my daughter's bedroom. I have not painted in at least 5-6 years, so this is a good sign.

I am slowly becoming ME again. And it's nice to be back!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,
I absolutely know what you mean and I am so glad yu are finding your way back to 'you'. I also lost my sense of identity, and like you, was always a bit of a hippy/studenty dresser but after I had the children I felt like I should dress mor elike a grown-up! I never felt right and now I totally dress my old way and feel so much better. And funnily enough, i actually have been complimented on my 'trendy style' lately which is hilarious because i am so not! I think you look great - absolutely lovely!!!
And when you are having a bad day, just try to remember that this is a short phase in your life while the children are young. It is hard being at home all the time and admitting to bad days because we all love our children so much, the last thing we want to do is moan but it is relentless and emotional so to be the best mums we have to do things that make us happy too.

Stephanie on May 3, 2009 at 4:30 PM said...

You SO understand what I am going through! And thank you so much for the compliment, it put a big smile on my face :) It's a strange place to be emotionaly though. I love my kids and want to be home with them, and at the same time, it can drive me crazy. I did the same thing, felt like I should dress and act more like a mum... I'm only 28 and feel like I act way too old for my actual age. Nothing like dressing like a art student to feel younger again!

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