Mmmm....Green Smoothies!

May 28, 2009

(Electric green smoothie, aka pineapple)

I have been feeling really tired for the past week. It could be due to the fact that I go to bed at impossible hours (because I spend way too much time reading about raw foods online), or I got a bug that has been going around (my son had it a couple days ago), or maby a bit of both.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling great and full of energy, for the first time in over a week! I was also fine today...until sometime after lunch. I have constant chills, just cant seem to be able to warm up. And I fell asleep on the couch snuggling with my son while my daughter was having her nap.

As my chills were intensifying, I realized I had not had my green smoothie today. I love those things! Anyone who knows me, knows that I cant stop talking about them. I just swear by them. I either have one for breakfast, or with lunch, or as an afternoon snack. But I have to have one. Everyday. I started drinking them this last winter, and since then, I have (almost) not caught any colds or flu's my kids had all winter. (And I used to catch them every time). I say almost because there have been a few viruses that I did end up catching, but only got mild symptoms, unlike my kids. Which I suspect is the case with me in the past week. I caught something, but my body is strong enough to fight most of it.

So I got off the couch, and out from under the blanket (is it me or is it freezing in here??) and went to make my daily smoothie. I don't exactly feel like drinking something cold right now, but I know it's going to help my body feel better in so many ways. I also made some piping hot green tea so I can warm up in between sips :)

A lot of my friends have been asking me for my smoothie recipe, so I decided to post it here.

Steph's basic green smoothie
1 cup orange juice
1 banana
2 cups spinach
1/2 cup fruit of your choice (my favourites are strawberries, pineapple, mango or blueberries, one at a time, not all in the same smoothie ;)

Blend at high speed, pour in a glass and enjoy!

(Strawberries added to this one)

I like this recipe because it's a good way to start drinking green smoothies and get some health in a glass. When I started drinking them in Feb., I think I only used about 1/2 cup of spinach...until I realized that you cant taste the spinach, so I might as well pack in the nutrients! So don't be a wuss, you cant taste the spinach! I also no longer put in a whole cup of orange juice...I maby do 1/2 cup OJ and 1/2 cup water. I like to keep some OJ in there for taste, but mostly because your body needs Vitamin C to absorb iron better. Since I eat veg most days, this smoothie has also kept me from becoming deficient in iron. I went completely veg last summer for over a month and I was so low in iron, it was not even funny.)

My little man started drinking them occasionally, and Baby Girl is curious about them, she likes to help with putting the spinach in the blender, but I have yet to get her to drink any or him to have it daily. It is my goal though. I know I will win them over, just like I'm winning over my friends who used to think spinach in a smoothie was a little strange, now they want the recipe. Hehehe.

(This one was blueberries a few weeks ago, and my little man had some with me that time!)

(Here is my little guy drinking a green smoothie, and Baby Girl just played with hers.)

As I was writing this post, I managed to drink all my green (purple, it was blueberry) smoothie and something strange happened: my chills are gone! Not because of my green tea because I have not had a sip yet. Maby it's just my imagination, maby the smoothie didn't instantly make me feel better, but I like to think it did!

Happy blending everyone!


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