A day at the park

May 4, 2009

We had such nice weather this weekend, I had to take the kids to the park. (Not to mention that they were up way too early on a Saturday morning, way too hyper for my liking and we have no yard because I live on the 3rd floor of an appartment) So Saturday, by 9 am, we were all fed, dressed and walking on our way to the park. I was really just trying to burn their energy so I could have a nice day too... it didnt work. Spring is in the air and it's like all of a sudden, their energy level goes through the roof. We ended up going back to another park at supper time, for a pic-nic and play. My friend Lina met us there with her daughter and the kids had SO much fun.

And what a difference a year makes! Last year, I had to help my daughter up the steps so she could get to the regular slides: now, she goes on the spiral slide (which is bigger) without my help. But my little man can literally do everything on the playground without my help. That means, I can take lots more candid shots of them while they are playing and maby even bring a book one of those days. (and actually read some of it :)

Oh, and by the way, I totally succeded in wearing them out that second time. They had a quick bath when we got home and were in bed shortly after 8pm. I actually got to watch a movie and light some candles. Some well deserved ME time! Everyone was happy.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with reading a booka t thepark one day...mine are 10, 6 and almost 4 nd I still haven't got to that stage!!!

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