I love my new/old plates!

April 30, 2009

So a few weeks ago, I was reading over on greenandcrunchy and she was talking about how she gives lunch to her kids in these plates with "compartments" and how addicted she is to making sure all the areas are filled. That reminded me I have some similar plates that were stored in my box for dishes that are only used for special occasions (aka, had not used them in over 2 years). So I decided to try them out with my kids. They were both going through a food jag and not eating either fruits or cooked veggies, and it was driving me CRAZY!!!

Well, they are a hit! When I dont serve lunch in these plates, my son asks for them. And he, just like me, is addicted in making sure all the areas are filled with lots of yummy healthy foods.

The proof is in the pictures. I got them eating peas for the first time in months. Yeah, I said months. I always have veggies with every meals, and neither of them were eating them. I now have them eating things like raw organic nuts and seeds, fresh fruits and veggies and green smoothies turned into popsicles thanks to these plates!

Thanks Sheri for the wonderful "plate" idea! (and for the green smoothie into a popsicle one as well).


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